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It looks more and more like Turley will be making a return. Like him or not, he's a good player and would save us a first round draft pick that we could spend on this swiss cheese defense.

I'm sure some still hold a grudge because he supported the starting QB back in 2003 too.
Wow, I'm all over the place on this one.
1. I love his fire and crazed on field antics. He has a spirit that keeps teams fired up. However, a by-product of that spirit is his antics can be turned against his own team, just as we've seen with his immediate abandonment of the team after his injury.

2. I would love to see him back at RT. He is a proven commodity from the right side. However, IMHO, there are half a dozen different tackles in this year's draft that will be better, a couple of them will be immediately better.

3. I would love to spend our 1st rounder on the defense, but we've done that 5 times in the past 4 drafts (Arch, D-Lew, Pickett, Thomas, Kennedy) and we have questioned or given up on every single one of these picks since then. Will another 1st round defensive pick be different? Who's to say?