In a strange irony, while the Rams are falling apart and having their worst year in a long time, they may have had their best draft in many seasons, which bodes well for the future.

O-Line of the Future: Alex Barron, despite a rash of penalties in recent weeks, has demontrated that he's the most talented RT the Rams have had in a decade (and yes, I include a healthy Kyle Turley in that comparison). With the experience he's gaining, and with a full training camp under his belt, he should be a real force next year. Claude Terrell also shows promise, and should only improve with his playing time increasing. The wild card is Richie Incognito. If he's half the player that the coaches claim he is, he'll be a fixture on the line for years. How often does a team obtain three long term starters for the O-line in one draft? That alone makes the 2005 rookie crop notable.

DBs-a-plenty: Ron Bartell looks to be the real deal. He's big, fast, and seems to be a gamer. I'm very glad he's getting experience this year. He'll be a starter next year. Jerome Carter shows promise as well. While he'll never be a Pro Bowl type, if surrounded by other quality DBs he's a guy who can make plays. O.J. Atogwe remains a mystery, but I'm not ready to declare him a bust quite yet.

Harvard!: Marc Bulger's shoulder is a real concern. Can Fitzpatrick be a quality #2... ready to fill in if Marc goes the way of Chad Pennington? Who knows. If he can, though, this will have been the best Ram draft in 20 years.

Hedgecock: Another second day choice who's made an impact on the team. Is he the long term answer at FB? We'll see.