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    2005 Nfl Draft: Mock Draft I

    by Barry Waller

    Gridiron Gateway

    1. San Francisco ***** - QB ALEX SMITH- Utah (JR)

    Smith has wowed the scouts this off-season in his workouts, and his size athleticism and youth make him the choice over CAL’s Aaron Rodgers for a team in total rebuild mode.

    2. Miami Dolphins - RB Ronnie Brown- Auburn

    Brown has emerged as the top prospect at running back, and unlike Ricky Williams, he loves to play.

    3. Cleveland Browns - WR Braylon Edwards-Michigan

    The Browns are rebuilding under a new coach, and though Rodgers would be a logical choice, they’ll instead fill a huge need with more of a sure thing, something they need after so many poor number one picks in the past. They can get a developmental QB in round two anyway.

    4. Chicago Bears- RB Cedric Benson - Texas

    This looks like a lsam dunk pick for Lovie Smith, in need on any spark on offense, especially a stud back like Benson.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB “Cadillac” Williams -Auburn

    Jon Gruden liked what he saw of Williams when he coached him at the Senior Bowl. The Bucs need lots of things, and will look hard at wide receivers Mike Williams and Troy Williamson, but in the end it looks like Gruden buys a “Caddy”

    6. Tennessee Titans- QB Aaron Rodgers- California (JR)

    Needing everything, the Titans could go any which way here, and probably will be looking for trades to add picks from a team hungry to deal up for Rodgers. If they stay put, this makes the most sense, because “Air” McNair is running on fumes. A cornerback is also a possibility here.

    7. Minnesota Vikings(from Oak)- WR Mike Williams- USC(JR)

    With two #1 picks this year, the Vikings could go defense here and address WR with the later pick at #18. If they do, look for a defensive end like Maryland’s Shawne Merriman as their guy, since head coach Mike Tice was also a Terp.

    8. Arizona Cardinals- CB Adam “Pac Man” Jones-Va. Tech(JR)

    The Cardinals have big needs at running back, quarterback, and cornerback. They would love to get Rodgers, but I doubt they make a deal to assure it. The depth at running back will leave one there in round two, and none remaining are worthy of this pick. That makes the selection of the top corner, also a great return guy, a good bet for Denny Green.

    9. Washington Redskins- CB Carlos Rogers- Auburn

    The Redskins have a huge hole at cornerback, and Rogers in a big one that can help cover T.O. and the other big NFC East receivers. If Danny Snider looks to make a big splash, he may be the one trying to move to get Rodgers.

    10. Detroit Lions- DE Shawne Merriman- Maryland(JR)

    Their biggest need is for a top pass rusher, and Merriman looks to be the best in this draft. If he is gone, it should be Erasmus James.

    11. Dallas Cowboys-DE/OLB Erasmus James- Wisconsin

    Like Minnesota, Dallas has two first round picks, and like the Vikes, they need receivers and pass rushers. They’ll go for the defense first, if James or Merriman remains on the board. If not, it’s Troy Williamson or Mark Clayton, the best two receivers on te board.

    12. San Diego Chargers(from NYG)- DE Marcus Spears- LSU

    Also with two first rounders, the Chargers pass on their need at receiver and offensive tackle here to take a perfect fit for their scheme, possibly the most talented defender in this draft.

    13. Houston Texans- OT Alex Barron- Florida State

    They need a cornerback, linebackers, and defensive line help, but they have big bucks invested in David Carr, and must move to get him protection help early.

    14. Carolina Panthers- LB Derrick Johnson-Texas

    The Panthers should take about ten seconds to make this pick if the best linebacker in a weak draft at the position falls this far. They need wide receivers and a tight end as well as offensive line help, but Johnson is just too good to pass on here.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs- CB Antrel Rolle- Florida State

    It’s no secret that Dick Vermeil was hungry for corners this off-season, and Rolle should be their guy, as would any of the top three corners, unless Vermeil and Carl Peterson are so in love with the character and leadership of Georgia DE David Pollack they just can’t resist adding him to their team.

    16. New Orleans Saints- LB Kevin Burnett- Tennessee

    The Saints had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2005. The main reason was lack of any talent at linebacker. Jim Haslett, an old linebacker himself, won’t let the only other first round talent at LB get by him. Burnett is a great leader, and can play all three linebacker positions. Safety Thomas Davis is also a possibility here, as is a trade down.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals- DT Travis Johnson- Florida State

    Johnson has solidified his status as the top interior lineman this off-season, and his talents will make the Bengals defense better from the get go this year. Thomas Davis and tight end Heath Miller are also possible Bengal picks. The Bengals are a team that will trade down too, if they get a good offer for their pick.

    18. Minnesota Vikings- DE David Pollack-Georgia

    Figuring they have gone with a receiver with their first pick, they add a solid bookend to last year’s top pick, DE Keneche Udeze who also brings great character to a rebuilding defense. If the Vikes go with defensive end first, look for WR Troy Williamson here.

    19. St. Louis Rams- SS Thomas Davis-Georgia (JR)

    The Rams defensive backfield was soft as butter in 2004, and adding a hard hitter like Davis would be a huge addition to that unit. If Davis is off the board, FS Brodney Pool makes the most sense if they go defense. If not it could be one of the two tackles, Khalif Barnes or Jammal Brown, or maybe TE Heath Miller in the kind of huge surprise Mike Martz seems to love.

    20. Dallas- from Buff)-WR Troy Williamson-S. Carolina(JR)

    Dallas must add playmakers, and Williamson would be an easy pick here. If he is gone, it could be Oklahoma Sooner Mark Clayton.

    21. Jacksonville Jaguars- TE Heath Miller- Virginia(JR)

    This should be an easy pick for the Jags if Miller falls this far. If not, they could go with a cornerback like Justin Miller or Fabian Washington, or a wide receiver like Clayton.

    22. Baltimore Ravens- WR Mark Clayton- Oklahoma

    The Ravens are going to a 4-3 defense, and need to add a defensive end, but with the top ones gone, they should fill their need at wide receiver with the talented Sooner.

    23. Seattle Seahawks-CB Fabian Washington- Nebraska(JR)

    The Seahawks lost Ken Lucas in free agency, so corner is a must. Washington adds the speed that Lucas lacked on a team that got beat deep far too often in 2004. Cornerback Justin Miller or a defensive lineman like Shaun Cody are also possible here.

    24. Green Bay Packers-CB Justin Miller-Clemson(JR)

    The Packers defense was horrific last year, and adding a solid, big cornerback like Miller is a big part of making it better. The Packers could go offensive line as well, after losing two starters in free agency, but the defense should come first.

    25. Denver Broncos- OT Khalif Barnes- Washington

    This team has many needs, but offensive linemen makes the Broncos run game go year after year, and Barnes is the best guy on the board. They could go defensive back or receiver here as well.

    26. NY Jets- OT Jammal Brown- Oklahoma

    Jets fans at the draft may not like this less than flashy pick, but a team in need of blocking like the Jets can’t afford to pass up the last of the top tackles.

    27. Atlanta- FS Brodney Pool- Oklahoma(JR)

    They would probably like to add a tackle to protect Michael Vick, or a wide out for him to throw to, but Pool appears to be a the best player available here. AUB receiver Roddy White could also draw interest from the Falcons here.

    28. San Diego- WR Roddy White- UAB

    White gets overlooked by s0ome in the receiver rankings, but he is a productive, highly talented end with size, and fits a big need for San Diego. If they go receiver with their first pick at #12, look for a defensive end like Dan Cody here.

    29. Indianapolis Colts- MLB Channing Crowder-Florida(JR)

    It will no doubt be defense for Tony Dungy, and with the top defensive backs gone, he’ll fill a huge hole right in the middle of his defense. Georgia LB Odell Thurman could be a fit here as well. Nebraska FS Josh Bullocks also an outside chance.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers- WR Reggie Brown-Georgia

    Brown was the most impressive end at the Senior Bowl, and his speed and size would be a nice replacement for Plaxico Burris. A linebacker like Thurman, Virginia’s Darryl Blackstock, or Trot State “tweener” Demarcus Ware could be taken here as well.

    31. Philadelphia Eagles- DT Luis Castillo- Northwestern

    The Eagles are always hard to figure, and usually draft looking a year or two down the line. Cory Simon, tagged as the Eagle franchise player, may be in his last year with the Eagles, so a tackle could be added here. A running back is not out of the question as well, with Florida’s Ciatrick Fason the top possibility.

    32. New England Patriots-DE/OLB Demarcus Ware-Troy St.

    The world champs have some age problems at linebacker, and would love adding a guy with Ware’s ability and versatility, something Bill Belichick loves. DB Marlin Jackson could be attractive here as well as Virginia LB Darryl Blackstock, but Ware looks like the second coming of Willie McGinist.

    Other First Round Possibilities/Top Second Rounders:

    DE Dan Cody- Oklahoma

    LB Darryl Blackstock-Virginia (Jr)

    S Josh Bullocks- Nebraska (Jr)

    DB Marlin Jackson- Michigan

    SS Ernest Shazor-Michigan(Jr)

    LB Odell Thurman- Georgia (Jr)

    OL Marcus Johnson- Mississippi

    G David Baas- Michigan

    C Chris Spencer- Mississippi (Jr)

    DE Justin Tuck-Notre Dame (Jr)

    RB Ciatrick Fason-Florida(Jr)
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    Re: 2005 Nfl Draft: Mock Draft I

    I'm not a fan of this mock.

    1. Why would the Titans take a quarterback when they have Billy Volek who is their QB of the future, and performed extremely well in McNair's absence last season. He said the Browns wouldn't take a QB when they could find a developmental QB in Rd. 2. Why would it be any different for the Titans.

    2. There's no way Derrick Johnson and Antrell Rolle will slip to 14 and 15 respectively. If they do the Rams better be planning to move up in the draft and snatch one of them.

    3. Kevin Burnett at 16? I don't think he'd be gone until 28 or after if he even sneaks into the 1st Rd.

    4. I don't like the Rams pick. Thomas Davis is a SS/LB tweener who will struggle in pass coverage. Hmmm...don't we already have one of those? I'd rather have Brodney Pool.

    5. Luis Castillo sneaking into the 1st Rd? This is the first time I've seen this.


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