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    2006 Rams / Greatest No-shows On Turf

    MISERY has set in for this fan of the 2006 Saint Louis Rams.
    The glass is half empty and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.
    The once proud 'GREATEST SHOW ON TURF' has turn into one great pile of fertilizer.
    The Rams were on top of the world at the turn of the century, now it looks like it'll take another century to get back.
    It's so frustrating watching this team and coming to the conclusion that they just plain suck!
    There is no sense of commitment, purpose or desire there. It seems like everyones' just going through the motions until it's time to cash the check.
    The 'GREATEST SHOW ON TURF' came and went like a flash in the pan, and now this organization, like the 1990's, is stuck, knee deep, in a pile of mediocrity.

    Apologies for the negativity, but this team's really got my goat (said with a sheepish grin). Sometimes I feel like blowning my horn, to call my lambs home, come to find out, just like Little-Bo-Peep, all she had was gone.

    Such as the 2006 Saint Louis Rams.....GREATEST NO-SHOWS ON TURF!:waiting:


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    Re: 2006 Rams / Greatest No-shows On Turf

    nice post,but lets all remember the GSOT was something we may never see again,that was a special time for those 3 years and what made it even better for Rams fans is that it came after we all suffered through the horrible decade of the 90''s a different time now, with different players and coaches and different who arent rams fans still talk about the GSOT and how much fun it was to watch,i remember watching the games and when the rams had the ball everyone would come down to that tv and see how the rams would score next,very exciting time that will never be forgotten,but as most good things it has come to an end.we have become What the hell are they doing on Turf .

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    Re: 2006 Rams / Greatest No-shows On Turf

    1999-2001 were great years there's no questioning that. Let's not forget we went into 1999 with no expectations. Trent Green went down during the preseason and for all of us Rams fans it certainly looked like we would have to wait yet another year. Surprise Surprise we won it all with a relative unknown leading the charge(Kurt Warner). A 3 year run is very impressive. History shows with a few exceptions that what our Rams are going through now is the norm. Look at the ..........Ravens,Buccaneers,Raiders,Panthers,Giants,Titans....Steelers?
    The Seahawks aren't exactly blowing away the league either.

    All those teams faltered after making it to the Big Game.

    I feel like we need to be thankful for those amazing 3 years and be patient we are rebuilding. I know it's hard once you've been on top of the mountain to accept mediocrity. That's where we're at, we will be back.

    It's perfectly normal to be critical of the team we all love. It hurts to see them lose. Especially the way they have been losing recently. I for one will never ever turn my back the Los Angeles, St. Louis or where ever they call home RAMS.

    I am totally pumped for this Whiner game today, just like every other the game the Rams have "EVER" played since I started bleeding the old BLUE & White.:r
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