2007 Season Ticket Pricing Announced

By Nick Wagoner
Senior Writer

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Keeping in mind the cost of competing in today’s NFL, the Rams announced ticket prices for 2007 on Friday.

Among the announcements was an increase in prices for a number of seats as well as a new opportunity to purchase a regular season ticket without a personal seat license (PSL).

While the average ticket price will increase by approximately 7 percent to $68.28 per ticket, around 40 percent of the tickets will have no increase or even a reduction in cost.

The Rams believe that the seating costs will keep the team around the league average.

“The new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, more than ever, is based on NFL member club averages,” Rams president John Shaw said. “It is one of the reasons there has been so much discussion regarding additional revenue sharing. Our local revenue, much of which is derived from ticket revenue, is in the bottom third of the NFL. We need to find ways to move closer to the middle, although we are cognizant of the impact to our fans. That is why it is important to us to keep prices at or near the league average.”

After the league and the players association agreed to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there was a tremendous increase in labor costs in 2006. The salary cap again increased in 2007 by approximately 7 percent from $102 million to $109 million.

This year’s ticket increase comes at a modest rate. With the rapidly increasing salary cap, Shaw said it is necessary to remain competitive in the league and continue spending money to improve the team.

“Rams ownership continues to be committed to spending to the salary cap to ensure a winning, on-the-field product that builds on one of the most storied and successful franchises in professional football,” Shaw said. “We are confident of making a strong run in the NFC West next season.”

In order to pursue top level free agents or keep franchise type players (the team signed linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa and defensive end Leonard Little to lucrative extensions last season and is beginning negotiations with quarterback Marc Bulger), Shaw believes an increase is necessary.

In St. Louis, the Cardinals maintained a level ticket price after winning a World Series and the NHL’s Blues recently announced a decrease after increasing last season. But Shaw points out that the NFL is a different beast than the NHL and Major League Baseball.

“Although to some extent we compete for entertainment dollars, the Cardinals and Blues are not our competition,” Shaw said. “Our real competition is other NFL teams. As we have previously said, ownership is committed to spending to the salary cap and to fielding a competitive team. The NFL is a different business model than MLB or the NHL. We play 10 home games a year.”

And for those who might not have been previously able to afford to see emerging running back Steven Jackson or the continued brilliance of receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt in those 10 home games, there is a new opportunity that could open the doors of the dome to them.

The Rams have added three new price categories to the list. Included in that list is a select group of terrace level seats that will drop in cost to $35 a game and can be purchased as a regular season ticket without having to purchase a PSL.

“Coach (Scott) Linehan’s 2006 Rams ended the season in the hunt for the playoffs, with national pundits noting that any playoff team would hate to meet the peaking Rams in January, and that generates great optimism for 2007,” Shaw said.

Letters were sent today to season ticket holders with an invoice which is due May 7. PSLs and a limited number of season tickets can be bought today on line or by calling the Rams ticket office at 314-425-8830.

Season ticket flex plans will go on sale in April and individual game tickets will go on sale in July.


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