When the Rams were considering/interviewing prospective head coaching candidates following the Linehan disaster, a number of guys under consideration got jobs elsewhere. The results have been a decidedly mixed bag:

1) Steve Spagnuolo- Probably the hottest coordinator available at the time, Spags was a guy many of us hoped for but didn't think we'd be able to get, thinking the Rams wouldn't meet his asking price. We got him, fans were elated, and save for a 2010 season which inspired hope across Rams nation, his tenure has been a disaster for reasons covered time and again on this forum and elsewhere. He doesn't figure to survive in St. Louis.

2) Rex Ryan- Despite a year in which the Jets will not live up to expectations, Ryan has made the Jets relevant again and has taken the team to two consecutive AFC title games. Despite being a good coach- particularly on the defensive side of the ball, Ryan's biggest enemy is himself. With his bombast, bluster and promise of a Super Bowl, Ryan's mouth will either earn him immortal status among Jets fans or make him a laughingstock.

3) Leslie Frazier- After a brief "feel good" period following the departure of unpopular coach Brad Childress, little good has happened to Frazier and the Vikings, who are still searching for answers at QB and now have the added devastation of facing the extended loss of Adrian Peterson due to a major knee injury. They face a certain top 3 draft pick. And oh yeah, they play in the same division as the upstart Lions and the Super Bowl champion Packers.

4)Raheem Morris- Seemingly working miracles with Tampa last season and narrowly missing a playoff berth, the bloom has completely come off the rose for Morris and the Bucs, who have lost 8 in a row- many in embarrassing fashion. It is evident last year was an aberration- and very likely Morris will lose his job at seasons' end.

5)Jason Garrett- Many will tell you that Garrett has underachieved with the talent he has in Dallas, and after a promising start, a loss to the Giants will mean no playoffs and renewed calls for Garrett's head. There have been several high profile issues with Garrett's decision making and playcalling this season, and fans in Dallas are an impatient bunch. And with the omnipresent Jerry Jones involved and on the sidelines, this is never good.

6)Jim Fassel- Completely disappeared from the NFL coaching landscape. Despite relative past success with the Giants, he has been completely passed over for numerous openings, leading me to believe there must be something we don't know that has made Fassel poison throughout the league.

Certainly each of these guys face different situations and each got a job because their current franchise has been poor and/or has underperformed in recent years. But the overall results have been mediocre at best. I take two things from this if Spags gets fired: One, we must hire a guy with previous head coaching experience. And two, we absolutely and positively must get it right.