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    3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    Bradford is out of the boot and will be back for our next game. I am really looking forward to this game because it starts a four game stretch where we can really turn it up and I expect to win 3 of 4 (at least).

    In our win I was thinking when Bradford is back, to keep our Oline and team rockin and rolling off the win, here is 3 things Feeley did that really, really helped us.

    #1 Step up in pocket quick and aggressively. Goldberg started at right tackle and I watched him push his defender to the outside almost every time. Feeley steped up, and into the pocket each time, so even when Goldberg was beat, the defender had to far to run to make an impact.

    #2 Show intensity early and often. Feeley played the game as if it was his last and first all in one. This game the team a feeling of a burst each time out of the huddle. Especially with Sam coming off an injury that could slow his feet, he must make up for it in energy. Some emotion can bring momentum to a game, season, then winning streak.

    #3 Create a Tempo. Bradford needs to remember he can control the tempo. The team moved in and out of the huddle and seemed to stay fluid. A lot of this has to due with Lloyd and Jackson being here (and healthy). The Rams looked like they were ready every play and Bradford can do this simply by being ready to pick the Cards apart.

    Rams should win this game 28- 17 over the cards.

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    Re: 3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    Bradford is not a lock to start this next weekend...

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    Re: 3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    Was impressed with Feeley's energy. I guess when you know your time to shine is sparse and limited, you play with everything you have. Such is the life of a competitive back-up QB.

    Hopefully Bradford can step into the offense and not miss a step.

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    Re: 3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    More than anything else what helped Feeley and what will help Bradford and the offense in general is the defense shutting the Saints down, allowing the Rams to not fall behind which allows them to control the game on the ground which in turn takes pressure off the passing game. If the Rams are behind by 2 or 3 touchdowns in the second half, like they have been most games this season, the Rams can't do what they do best which ios run the ball and the opposing defense can tee off on the passing game play after play.

    The Rams success has everything to do about the defense. If the defense stands up the Rams have a chance. If they don't, which has been the case most of the year, they're in big trouble.

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    Re: 3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    The reason that Feeley could do what he did was that we played more like WCO instead of spread. As a result, the O-line was able to open holes better for Jackson which was huge. This allowed the defense to pin their ears back and go after Brees.

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    Re: 3 Things Bradford Could Learn from Feeley

    We should emulate last weeks gameplan almost to the tee this week.Whatever was done in practice last week do it again,we looked like a different team last week and it was great.We need to play like its the Superbowl every game like we did against the Saints and we might salvage a decent record.

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