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    3rd & Long Trouble

    Before I go into this, I first want to say the Rams D played awesome in the Red Zone and deserve props for keeping the Hawks out of the end zone for the whole game.

    My biggest frustration lately with the RAMS D though has been their inability to stop teams on 3rd & long. I honestly feel better when the opposing team has a 3rd & 4 or shorter than I do when it is something like 3rd & 9.

    Is anyone else noticing this as much as I am? I personally would like to see at least one guy blitzing when it is 3rd and long. At least that way we have a better chance of getting pressure and forcing the QB into a mistake or a bad pass.

    Any other thoughts on this?

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    Re: 3rd & Long Trouble

    You're right, 3rd or even 4th and long has definitely been a weakness of ours dating back to the GSOT. I can't count how many times our opponents have been 3rd or 4th and 20+ and they've made it. Didn't that happen to us against the Patriots in the Superbowl on their last drive and as recently as Miami's 3rd and 28 (where we blitzed, by the way)? Whether it's schemes or personnel we sure need to figure that one out.

    Go Rams!!!

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    RammieGirl Guest

    Re: 3rd & Long Trouble

    I hear you big time, each and every time we have a 3rd down situation, I watch through the fingers over my face. It's almost like a given. This has happened time and time again, so it's not new news here. I give props to our RAMS for yesterday for winning the game, but I get a lump in my stomach on those 3rd down opportunities by the opposition......GOOOOO RAMSSSSSSS :ramlogo:

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    Re: 3rd & Long Trouble

    We are not getting enough pressure on the qb and that makes our db's vulnerable. We tend to play more soft cover and especially with fisher out, we really dont have a cover corner. It all comes down to the pass rush from my perspective and that is up to the front four.

    general counsel

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    Re: 3rd & Long Trouble

    My assessment of our defense is that, unless there is an execution problem by the offense, we are incapable of stopping anyone unless its a 3rd and short situation.

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    Re: 3rd & Long Trouble

    Sad el acky, but basically true. We seem to do very well when the receivers on other teams drop balls that hit them in the hands. Hope springs eternal for the defense.

    general counsel

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