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Thread: From 4-1 to 0-5

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    From 4-1 to 0-5

    The first five games of the season we were at 4-1 we were playing really good football and taking the ball away from opponents. The past five games we are 0-5 giving up the ball and making stupid plays at wrong place at the wrong time. Ho w did we go to playoff contenders in to most peoples eyes hopefully getting to 8-8. Well we in my opinion I think this is a game that we really just didnt go out and play. The KC game they went out there and played very hard we should have at least tied it but bonehead calls by the officials blew that one. In Seattle we had in the bag but a holding call on incognito and a 91 yard punt return kinda didnt go well either. San diego yeah we lost Maybe it would have been a turning point for us if Stephen Davis didnt fumble but hey you never know.All i know is maybe that 4-6 is a little deciving because of all the close games but its football not everything goes your way maybe the next 6 games will be a big pick up for us going into next season. Maybe we might even make the playoffs. I do believe we can pull it off but that run defense which is one of the worst in the leauge is gonna have to start playing agressive and and start putting hats on people. Oh and take out Travis Fisher.

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    Re: From 4-1 to 0-5

    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacFaulk8028 View Post
    Oh and take out Travis Fisher.

    Win Percentage of Teams We Went 4-1 Against: 0.408
    Win Percentage of Teams We Went 0-5 Against: 0.750

    Let's face it - we're losing to better teams while we beat some weak ones.


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