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Thread: 4 moves.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    4 moves.

    1. Promote Jim Haslett to Head Coach.

    2. Demote Scott Linehan to Offensive Coordinator

    3. Hire Ron Rivera to be Defensive Coordinator.

    4. Just completely fire Greg Olsen.

    Haslett was a good Head Coach. He had some good, and some bad years. Scott Linehan is a average Head Coach. But he was a much better Offensive Coordinator. Rivera would be more than happy to be a DC over a LB Coach and is a great DC. Olsen is just plain terrible.

    HC Jim Haslett
    OC Scott Linehan
    DC Ron Rivera

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    Re: 4 moves.

    Scott Linehan is a average Head Coach.
    How can you say that he is 8-10.

    "He's a beast," Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden said.
    How many TD does this beast have?

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    Re: 4 moves.

    Unless someone can figure out how to get our offensive line healthy, starting with reversing the season ending injury to orlando pace, i strongly doubt that the resurection of vince lombardi is going to make all that much of a difference to this team.

    just curious, did linehan or olson fumble the punt in the 4th quarter of the sf game? Did either of them throw the two int's, including the horrible throw in the end zone.

    Did either linehan or olsen fumble the ball twice in week one when it was a very close game?

    For the millionth time, coaching matters at the margain. I dont like a lot of the play calling either, but the turnovers and the injuries are killing us and linehan cant control either of them. Some of the failure to convert in the redzone is due to the play calling in my view, but a lot of it is execution, including turnovers and that is on the players not the coach.

    There is no magic bullet guys. If i told you at the start of the year that we would be this injured this early on the o line, how many people would have realistically thought that we would have a chance to go to the playoffs.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: 4 moves.

    i 2nd what Ramsfan16 said

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    Re: 4 moves.

    Didn't like the 7 minute abs?

    Not when 6 minute abs take less time.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Maybe not now, but soon.

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