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    40 times

    OK, as a fan of the NFL we look at a lot of stats.

    I want to know, at the beginning of every year, what all the skills players 40 times are.

    A couple of key things in particular

    A: What is Kevin Curtis's 40 time, post surgery?
    B: Has Isaac Bruce lost a step? (if we tracked these every year, we'd know.)
    C: I would just like to know the order of the fastest guys on the team. Aveion Cason, Johnson the new KR, Holt, everyone.

    Why can't I have this?

    And I think the players would try to get their best time (out of 3 or 4 attempts) because the team would look at this and make decisions based on this. Other teams would look at this in terms of trade value, and the public would look at this.

    (I'm now recalling the fantasy football commercial where they get keyshon or someone to come out the house to run the 40 before they make the trade!!!) lol.

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    Re: 40 times

    Ha ha ya that commercial is funny, it's Chad Johnson not Meshawn but still it's funny.


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