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    4th & 1; JACKSON STUFFED!!!!

    Friends & Fellows,

    I flew out of the West yesterday afternoon, cheating the afternoon traffic rush with butterflies in my stomach about a bittersweet victory within a few hours. Although I knew this win would not be a true victory because the Whiners were in the hunt for the 'Reggie Bush' Lottery. Regardless, I thought that a win was a win in the books, so I would learn to take it as it came. My annual ritual of flying home to watch the last game between our greatest rival would be appreciated regardless. I could hold my head up at work, and wouldn't have to buy Allan that darn ice cream and walk down the hall behind him AGAIN.

    The game____________________________!!!! I could have sworn that it looked like Alex Smith was trying to take a safety or fumble the ball, but the Rams' D would have nothing to do with it. I shook my head as it appeared that numerous 3-and-outs were choreographed by Coach Nolan as he saw visions of Reggie Bush dancing in his head. It looked like the punter was in on it and made it easy for the Rams' D to block the kick, but no. I confided to other fans in the stands that the Whiners were obviously giving this one away, but then............

    I fly back to San Jose tomorrow morning with a feeling of absolute emptyness.

    I can't wait until next season!!!:clanram:

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: 4th & 1; JACKSON STUFFED!!!!

    I really thought we should have kicked the FG instead of going for it on that play. The run was ineffective by Jackson most of the day.

    I am sorry that your trip to St Louis turned out as it did. It blows to travel and see the team lose.

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    bruce_wannabe Guest

    Re: 4th & 1; JACKSON STUFFED!!!!

    thats homeboy vitt not knowing what to do

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: 4th & 1; JACKSON STUFFED!!!!

    yea i have to agree, vitt wins one game and they want to give him the key to the city, he showed hes an asst. coach and nothing more, in fact he was our linebacker coach and we all know how terrible that group has played.


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