1. I'd sit down, open up the play book, toss out every horizontal pass to a WR, and figure out how to work with my limitations in a creative manner. I'd start by actually designing some plays that involve throwing to one of our 4 tight ends.

2. I'd give Jerome Carter a chance to see if he can get it done on the field, if for no other reason than we can't go into next season with Chavous as the starter and we need to know now whether Carter can get it done.

3. I'd throw a few 3-4 looks out there, especially once Pisa came back. I'd run with Adeyanju, Ryan, and Carricker on the line. Let's get a few more guys who can get a running start and try to knock someone's teeth out.

4. I'd figure out a way to get some more speed on offense, if only for three or four plays a game. That would probably be some combination of Hagans and Hall getting a handful of reps.

5. I'd beef up special teams practice for a few weeks, because the position game is going to be even more important now. Given that they've been good, I'd send the message right now that the break down on coverage in the fourth quarter was not acceptable.

I certainly wouldn't do something silly like hold an "open tryout" (are you kidding me?), start Hagans, or trade a draft pick (again, are you kidding me?). At this point in the season, you gotta work with what you have folks.