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    500 Times

    When I wake up
    Well I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one posts a poll for you

    And when I get home
    Well I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one makes a joke or two

    And when I'm serious
    Well I know I'm gonna be
    I'm gonna be the one who say what they should do

    And when its game time
    Well I know I'm gonna be
    I'll be the one that's cheering for the gold and blue

    And I would post 500 times
    and I will post 500 more
    Just to be the one who posts a thousand times
    On the great ClanRam board

    [With apologies to The Proclaimers]

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    RamTime Guest

    Re: 500 Times

    Cute Avenger

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    Re: 500 Times

    You scare me sometimes, Avenger.

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    jjsram Guest

    Re: 500 Times

    I can't believe I read the whole thing!

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    Re: 500 Times

    Figured it had to be number of posts.....I mean what else could it have been?


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