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    6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    By Bill Coats
    08/02/2007 4:29 pm

    Since arriving from Los Angeles in 1995, the Rams never have had a wide receiver as tall as 6-foot-5 Drew Bennett, an offseason free-agent acquisition. Bennett figures to boost the offense’s red-zone efficiency as the No. 3 wideout behind Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt.

    Bennett “adds a little different dimension,” Linehan said. “That’s not taking anything away from the players we have or had; it’s just that Drew has great size. You want to bring something special to the table with your game, and he brings that.

    “Plus, he’s a very unselfish individual and he understands his role. He wants to win, above everything else.”


    Bruce, a Memphis State product, acknowledges that he has a general dislike for former University of Tennessee players. At least, initially.

    Asked about rookie cornerback Jonathan Wade’s progress at camp, Bruce first made this much clear: “I’m not very fond of guys from Tennessee. That’s just the honest truth.”

    Then Bruce added: “But he’s my teammate now, and I’ll start to love him just like I love Leonard Little,” another ex-Vol.


    Cornerback Tye Hill has noticed that quarterback Marc Bulger is a content man – and an even more accurate passer – after receiving a six-year contract extension.

    “He’s on the money with those passes right now,” Hill said. “That 22 (million dollars in guaranteed money) must have made him feel a whole lot better.


    Notes from Day 7 of training camp:

    >>Washington U. coach Larry Kindbom and members of his staff watched the morning practice from the sidelines.

    >>LB Pisa Tinoisamoa’s surgically repaired shoulder must be in pretty good shape. He stopped RB Steven Jackson cold on a burst up the middle during team drills.

    >>Linehan would like to basically limit Dante Hall to returns, but he’s looking increasingly solid at wideout.

    >>Witnessing the precision with which Bruce runs routes is like watching an artist create a masterpiece.

    >>Linehan won’t talk about it, afraid he might jinx him. But so far, RT Alex “False Starts R Us” Barron hasn’t committed a pre-snap penalty in camp.

    All for now…

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    Re: 6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    Great to hear that Pisa's health is close to a hundred, between him and Draft rotating at our linebackers the defense should be a lot more consistent.

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    Re: 6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    Yep....Pisa stopped Jackson. That is a hard thing for a linebacker to do.....He must be healing up nicely. Stay heathly Pisa....

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    Re: 6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post

    >>Linehan won’t talk about it, afraid he might jinx him. But so far, RT Alex “False Starts R Us” Barron hasn’t committed a pre-snap penalty in camp.

    No way can that be true!

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    Re: 6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    How fast is Bennett? Everyone talks about his height, but when I saw him in camp Wedensday, I was also thinking he looks fast.

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    Re: 6-5 Bennett adds ‘different dimension’

    Bennett is my favorite kind of wideout. He's a tall, not really fast white guy, just like me. Remember, he was a quarterback at UCLA and converted. He's the prototypical possession receiver except that he and I have one thing going for us, quickness and agility. He'll never beat Deangelo Hall down the field, however, is there that much difference when the ball won't travel much more than 40 yards in the air(he probably ran a 4.5-4.7 in the 40?) and he has half a foot on whoever is covering him usually? Then, once he has the ball, he has the ability to shed a tackle or two and get yards after the catch.

    I'm also a big fan of UCLA so having Bennett here is great! Even further, 83 is my favorite receiver number and so whenever I can get my grubby little hands on a Bennett jersey I plan on doing just that. Same thing goes for my avatar... lucky me that we've had two white guys in a row with that number, so I can pretend it's Bennett already.
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