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    7 teams in worse shape than the Rams

    While I am not convinced we've "turned the corner" (it will take several more performances like the past two weeks to convince me as such...) I am VERY hopeful we could be headed in the right direction- and whenever I'm feeling down or angry, I try to remember it could be even worse: we could be one of these teams:


    1. Oakland- They top the list. The Raiders are an unqualified disaster- from top to bottom. They have an owner once revered for his football acumen who is now regarded as a clueless meddler. They've run through coaches like people go thru socks. They've drafted poorly. They have a QB in whom they've invested a lot of time and money who completely stinks. Their coach is a guy many feel shouldn't have been handed the job and is now under scrutiny for his treatment of women and for decking an assistant coach. And it's been this way since their Super Bowl appearance vs. Tampa Bay. It won't get better anytime soon.

    2. Detroit- They've shown no capacity to make us believe they're making any real progress after a winless season. You could even make the argument that they're WORSE this year despite the 1 win; last year they had several near wins and were close. This year, Stafford has taken a beating and there's still a dearth of talent. Many hard times still lie ahead.

    3. Cleveland- Horrendous. Hard to believe they were the trendy pick only a year ago to make the playoffs. They read their own press clippings, underachieved, and succeeded in getting their team broken up. Derek Anderson showed he's a fluke, but what's worse is this musical QB act by Eric Mangini, who is Bill Belichick minus the winning. Morale is at an all-time low, their offense is dreadful and if you have any doubts as to how bad this team is, hopefully you watched last night's snoozefest vs. Baltimore.

    4. Kansas City- Boy, Matt Cassel certainly was the tonic this team needed, wasn't he? Fans are disenchanted following Tony Gonzalez' departure, the follies involving their idiot running back, Larry Johnson (since cut) and the lack of any real good football being played on either side of the ball. Todd Haley is yet another coordinator who benefitted from tremendous weapons that made him look good (Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Breaston, etc.), became a "hot commodity" and has subsequently done nothing to show the Chiefs will be good anytime soon. And for good measure, they just suspended a reciever for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

    5. Tampa Bay- Despite two decent weeks in succession, I don't see Tampa as a team in good shape. Raheem Morris (God, I'm glad he didn't get the Rams job as a few on the forum hoped) hardly looks the part of a guy who's a leader of men. Stingy ownership, a revolving door at QB, and the loss of quality players like Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott, John Lynch and Derrick Brooks make this a major rebuilding job.


    6. Buffalo- Haven't been to the playoffs in what- 12 years? Haven't had a winning season in what- 8-9 years? Just fired their coach. Signed Terrell Owens- an ill-advised move if there ever was one. Franchise has been stagnant for years and this year is more of the same.

    7. Washington- The blueprint is the same every year: off-season big name signings, high hopes in the pre-season, then mediocre football. Dan Snyder is the George Steinbrenner of the 80's minus the winning. The Steve Spurrier and Jim Zorn hirings at head coach are two of the more terrible decisions in recent memory; ditto for getting rid of Marty Schottenheimer. Jason Campbell has shown me nothing in his tenure as QB
    and despite beating a fraudulent Denver squad last week, Washington hasn't shown it can get it right for the long term.

    On the flip side of this are the Rams. Their attitude is good. They've played two weeks in a row of good football. Their top two draft picks of 2009 appear to be solid picks. The defense is improved. Steven jackson is having an MVP type season. They have two guys- Billy DeVaney and Steve Spagnuolo- who I believe are the right guys to get this thing turned around. There have been some pleasant finds- Laurent Robinson, Daniel Fells, Craig Dahl, Brandon Gibson. All of this give me hope that we are ahead of these other teams and will in the very near future be much better- the record notwithstanding.

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    Re: 7 teams in worse shape than the Rams

    The Rams are 0-16 without one man. Thats a bad, bad football team.The Rams except Jackson looked at best marginal against the Lions and suprisingly like an NFL football team against the Saints. Some hope here, but not much. Maybe we win a few games next year, but cmon, thats still terrible.

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    Re: 7 teams in worse shape than the Rams

    I disagree about the Chiefs. Haley is a clown in my book too, but they completely gutted their roster about a year before we did. They have a lot of young talent and a strong fan base. They'll be back in a year or two.

    I don't think Detroit is that bad. Too early to tell on Stafford, at least their O can put up some points. I think they deserve to be on the list, but not at #2.

    Also, I'd put Washington up near the top, but perhaps that's only because I live in the metro DC area. Some sort of reverse-homerism or something. It's trendy to talk about how bad the Skins are, dissect all the bad moves Snyder has made, and generally just talk about how much you hate the team. I've had two Skins fans tell me they root against the Skins now because they want everybody to acknowledge they're the worst franchise in the NFL. It's very much a love/hate relationship.

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