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I do like stats, but again these stats are misleading a little bit because Randy hasn't been 100% healthy and it's evident on the field. Bennett obviously has missed games and hasn't been healthy all year so it's really hard to evaluate them and see if they are difference makers or not.

To the point of the coaches not knowing how to use Randy I would say that they HAVE to keep him in to block a lot more than they wanted to because we obviously have holes on the O Line. So again trying to evaluate Randy on stats alone is misleading.

Hey, I said I like the guys- I'm not knocking them- just that none of the three is a big name free agent that's going to be a difference maker- healthy or not. And although I do realize they are leaving McMichael in to block, the fact that Bulger/Ferotte has been sacked around 30 times, shows that it's not really working. There are other ways to defeast the rush- such as screens to the RB, screens to the TE, draw plays, etc... Something we don't do apparently unless it's 3rd and really long and everyone knows it's coming so they can squash it. Kind of like the extremely rare instances when we blitz...