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    psycho9985 Guest


    Rams vs ******* a game I plan to go to with some luck(ie Boss) I'm predicting a 40 to 10 rout.New o-line with vets, a qb with an arm as good as anybodies,the best wide rec. corp. ever assembled,Running backs with all the tools you could ask for,and a def. ripe with rock'em sock'em .fill in the blank...............

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    Re: 9/11/05

    Still working on this game. I will be there but the tickets are, at this moment, hard to come by. but like I said, I am still working on them

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    the brent Guest

    Re: 9/11/05

    I think Ii'm going to the Sf game as well, should be a good 'ol fashion BEAT DOWN! I remember the early '90's when the niners owned us, and everyone in so. cal was a niner fan and loved steve young, so its great to see them down! I hope to meet up with some fellow Rams folks.

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    Scidog68 Guest

    Re: 9/11/05

    Hey, Brent....If the Little Woman and I can swing tix, we'll be there, too! Will DEFINITELY spread the 411 if and when, so Rammies can hook up and gloat!

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: 9/11/05

    Should be a lot of fun.Its been a very long time since I've been to a game(1981)


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