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    The Inability To Correctly Assess Talent Level Of Team Is Killing Us

    I Wrote This Two Weeks Ago In Response To This Game;

    Unfortunately, I have to put this game down as a loss.

    I know some of you want me to pick this from my heart, but that's never worked before. Knowing Linehan and Haslett were gonna struggle most of the game. Our offensive line will get Bulger killed because their out of shape and unprepared. Our horrible secondary will be chasing them all day. Andy Reid will be out-scheming us as usual and there will be numerous "big plays" that many will be excusing. Saying "if we'd gotten rid of that 30-40-50-60 yard touchdown run and pass we'd have had a close game". Most however will be immediately demanding Linehans job. That's the only positive I can imagine.

    Rams - 13
    Eagles - 31

    Another long season I'm fraid.
    We have the worst secondary in football. Period.

    However there is a larger reason why this team sucks. The main reason that I can put my finger on is a serious inability to correctly judge the talent level of our players. That's the biggest deficit I see on this team. Why draft Long, when we have no top notch cornerbacks? Why draft Avery when we still havent drafted a top notch cornerback? Why not get Lito Shephard? Once again they fail.

    We have a slew of untalented guys on our defense who are overrated and unproven, yet according to our coaching staff - "Their fine". We have not made an aggressive effort to upgrade our defensive backs in years and we see what that has given us. Haslett stuck with QB Aaron Brooks for YEARS longer than he ever should have. He's doing the same thing with our defense. He's also horrible at play calling with bad defensive players. He puts them in positions where their on an island thus exposing their suckiness.

    On offense, the problems as I see it are one Marc Bulger. He cannot make plays like he used too. The offensive line is also unprepared for blitzes, and their just not that good. This offense has very little ability to make big plays downfield, meanwhile our defense can give up big plays with the worst of em'. Yes, if we could protect Bulger better - he would be better, but He'll never be a Brady or Manning. He just doesnt have the arm.

    This is and will continue to be a nightmare of a team and situation, until the front office and coaching staff begin to correctly assess the ACTUAL talent level of the team. This includes QB.

    This starts with Linehan. The Front Office can't even admit (by firing him) that they INCORRECTLY ASSESSED HIS ABILITIES AS A COACH. They need to fire him this week and get someone in there who is ready to rebuild this team from the ground up.

    I say, we should have stuck with Joe Vitt. Believe it or not, that guy understood what he was seeing out there. He talked about this team needs to get back to the basics and keeping "it simple". We need a coach who will not be afraid to release a FORMER pro bowler who is not cutting it anymore. Bench a rookie who can't get off a block. Bench a linebacker who lets a run go for 40 because he fails to contain on the backside.

    We need a real coach.
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