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    shortman1984 Guest

    About this loss

    It makes me mad when everyone talks about how bad the niners are. Yeah they only won 2 games last year but they had a lot of injuries last year..and Rattay is not a bad QB .. does everyone remember when he had 3 straight games with a QB rating of atleast 100 2 years ago.. Yeah they arent the greatest team but this is week one. No one knows how good a team really is. I think the next game will be different.. If we score TD's instead of FG's. then we will win. But this season is far from over..

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    shortman1984 Guest

    Re: About this loss feelings hurt here cuz im not a little baby about things..but i wasnt really talking about the TD's and FG's thing. i was just basically saying that the niners arent as bad as people say. well that is what im hoping. And that Rattay is not a bad QB.

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    Re: About this loss

    It’s nice to see new people posting. Although this subject has been beaten to death. This was a huge loss. You have to beat teams that you are supposed to beat in order to have a chance at getting home field advantage in the playoffs. In our 7 road losses last year we got beat by 13-30 points in all those games.

    The 9ers are not horrible but they are not one of the top teams this year and I think many on this board believe we have the potential to be a top team this year. That said if you want to go to the super bowl you have to beat teams that are not top caliber teams. Rattay does have a good completion percentage but if you look at the tape it was more poor play by our DB’s then it was good play on the Rats part. Two years ago the Rat also had a guy by the name of TO that could play pretty decent. He is gone now.

    You said if we score TD's instead of FG's then we will win. Also if we wind up with more points we win. It is not that easy to say that we need to score touchdowns. Yes we need to improve in the red zone but MM has to make adjustments for that to happen and this is not the first time we have struggled in the red zone. I have a positive outlook for the Cardinals game I think we will recover and get back on track as I am sure just about everyone else on this board thinks. But that still don’t take away from the stench left behind from losing to SF they are not a high caliber team. I am looking forward to this week with cautious optimism that we will improve in all aspects.
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    Re: About this loss

    What was our record in lets say 1997 and 1998?.................Were we supposed to be good in 99?


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