Adam Carriker, DL - 5/3: Carriker explains why the St. Louis Rams drafted him with the 13th pick in the draft.

The St. Louis Rams selected defensive lineman Adam Carriker with the 13th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Carriker registered 20.5 sacks and 134 tackles in 45 career games for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In his final NFLPLAYERS.COM draft diary entry, Carriker reveals the strong interest the Rams showed in him leading up to the draft and just how excited he is about going to St. Louis.

I've got to say that I'm very excited to be a St. Louis Ram. My wife and I are already beginning to look at houses in St. Louis and we've also gotten in touch with a real estate agent. When we went down to St. Louis on Sunday for my press conference, I got to see the town a little bit and it looks like a great place. We're both very excited about this.

Since I got drafted, it's all been so surreal. It's really been go-go-go since then, but I think it will definitely sink in once practice starts. I'm just going in trying to earn a spot and earn some playing time.

As for getting picked at No. 13, I'm very pleased, but I'm mostly just excited to be going to the Rams. I took a visit out there a couple of weeks ago and they showed a lot of interest. They actually told me if I was there at No. 13 they would take me. You can't always believe everything teams tell you then, but the Rams were true to their word.

We had about 20 people up at my parents house in Washington to watch the draft. My high school coach, middle school coach and a lot of people from my neighborhood were there. Basically, I wanted to have the people that helped me get to this point with me on draft day. I knew some people had me going as high as No. 6 or as low as No. 21, so when the Redskins came on the board at No. 6, we were all very quiet watching the TV until I got picked by the Rams a few spots after that. The Rams called me with about two minutes left on the clock and then I watched it all unfold from there.

From the conversations I've had with the coaches, I think the Rams are planning to use me pretty much as a defensive tackle and maybe at nose tackle a little bit or a three-technique player. I'm totally fine with playing any of those positions and I remember when I visited with them a few weeks ago, that's what they talked about doing. They asked me if I thought I could play inside and if I was willing to do that and I said yes. It's no problem at all for me. I may have to get my weight up to 310 or 315. I'm at 305 right now so I don't have too far to go.

I'm currently in Nebraska and I'll be heading back to St. Louis next Friday for the start of rookie camp. These next few months are probably going to be a blur for me. I'll probably be confused for the first couple of practices trying to learn a new system. But eventually I'll catch up and things will start to click.