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    Additional defensive credits +++

    There seems to be some mumbling once in a while by media personnel mentioning that the RAMS defense has improved.

    It is obvious to me that the statistics, yardage, points allowed etc. reveal a remarkable turnaround. What seems to be ignored by the talking heads is:

    The defense produced these results in the face of the "most turnovers allowed" stat

    The defense produced these results in the face of "a pass-oriented offense that usually doesn't hold the ball that long"

    The defense produced these results in the face of the "an inconsistent special teams play that often gave up field position"

    If these points are not proof enough to the RAMS defensive character then add this: the RAMS defense produced these statistics in the face of repeated blow-outs where their team had already scored 30 or more points"

    Hey, media-types, talking heads and the rest, why isn't this in the news......???

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    DJRamFan Guest
    This has been a hot topic all year and while the media has given us the shaft (and so has the league with the Pro Bowl), we have continued to win. Everything you posted about the Defense is correct, but like i've said in previous posts we're no longer the feel good story of the year....a.k.a. hyped up.

    Everyone knows the defense is better and we'll prove it in Feb, will they give us credit then, probably not.

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    NO doubt the D is using this lack of respect as a motivation to be even better still, long may it continue, well at least until Super Bowl


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