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    After the bye - what I saw today:

    1. I was surprised to hear Alex Barron get called on a false start. This surprised me - I thought I was used to his jumping the gun, but he has obviously gotten better this season, or it wouldn't have caught my attention.

    2. Gibson may not be Torry Holt, but he's not a Drew Bennett either. I can see him sticking around in the NFL for a few years, a consistent player.

    3. Bulger could go 26/27, 435 yards, 6 TD's, and people on the clan will still talk about how bad he is...even though he is showing signs that he might still have his mojo.

    4. Special teams may be better, but they can still royally screw up things.

    5. Most of the fans haven't given up on the team, regardless of what you may hear elsewhere.

    6. We made a statement today. We were within a second or two of beating an UNDEFEATED team. While winning in week 1 would give us a win on an undefeated team, today we played the only NFC team I really think has a chance to make the Pats look bad. Better yet...we scared them.

    7. After today, I think 6-10 is possible.

    8. Some "fans" live to gripe...others gripe to live, and some just accept what we are given and enjoy.

    9. The entire '99 season should have been available in HD, and I should have owned a 46" LCD back then. Two seasons of the Rams in HD and I am spoiled. '99 would have been so much better if I didn't have to watch it on a 27" TV.

    10. Knowing the Rams haven't given up on the season is going to make that family trip to watch the Rams/Texans game so much better.


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    Re: After the bye - what I saw today:

    the GSOT in HD, who wouldn't want to see that,Thats funny because I think the same thing,6-10 could be asking abit much,but possible and lets hope for a big win and have a safe trip to you and your family when you head up to St. Louis for the game.

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    Re: After the bye - what I saw today:

    To respond to RamsFanSam point by point:

    1. Barron has improved some, as has the rest of the offensive line.
    2. Gibson played well- but let's reserve judgment until there is more of a body of work from which to judge.
    3. Bulger's good game today does not erase 3 years of largely terrible play when healthy. I'm happy he finally showed something, however.
    4. Special teams let us down today, but nothing compares to the weekly special teams coverage horror show under Mike Martz.
    5. Fans haven't given up, but 18 losses in the last 19 games justifies any negative feelings any Rams fan has without some clown questioning their individual loyalty (no, I am not referring to you, Sam...)
    6. We did have two weeks to prepare but we did play well. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough. It remains to be seen if this was an aberration or whether we can duplicate it time and again.
    7. While I'm encouraged by the last two weeks, 6-10 won't happen.
    8. There's pessimism, optimism and realism. Chalk me up in the latter category.
    9. I'd watch football on a 15" black and white screen this year if it meant a good season for the Rams.
    10. Hopefully, they give you a win as a token of appreciation for your loyalty.

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