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    Afternoon jog gives coach a feel for the heat

    Associated Press
    ST. LOUIS - Before directing practice in temperatures that the St. Louis Rams said reached 104 degrees on the field on Sunday, coach Scott Linehan gave it his personal test.

    At noon, with the sun at its fiercest, Linehan jogged around the three practice fields at Rams Park. He figured if he could make it, so could the players.

    "It was hot, but with the breeze it's just different," Linehan said. "You can work through this. This is perfect weather, as far as I'm concerned."

    Linehan said the fields serve as his track, although he stressed that no stopwatch was needed to track his progress. He declined to disclose how many laps he made or how long it took.

    "Some people might have mistaken it for fast walking," Linehan said. "I don't even want to tell you because then you'll ask how long did it take, and then people will realize how slow I run."

    The Rams have had no major heat-related woes. They're alternating two-workout days with single-workout days and keeping a close eye on players. If one loses too much water weight, he won't be allowed to practice the next day.

    "We're taking all the precautions we can," Linehan said. "We were able to get through it and you didn't see people fall out or anything like that."

    The team said 655 people showed up to watch the Rams' sixth practice, light for the weekend, although the weather likely played a large factor.

    "I had my 9-year-old out here today and I think he made it 15 minutes before he went up to the office," Linehan said. "But I think it's great for camp. You really kind of test your toughness and your ability to fight through things."

    Linehan did not cut the practice short, although he appeared to make one concession when his post-practice remarks, which were lengthy the first three days, lasted fewer than two minutes.

    "I ran out of things to say," Linehan said jokingly. "I'm going to have to go back to my file. I'll keep them out here tomorrow, see if we can work on their tan."

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    Re: Afternoon jog gives coach a feel for the heat

    The more I hear about this guy, the more and more I'm starting to like him. Before I really wasn't a fan, but now that's changed. I like coaches like this. They don't have too, but they go out there and do the same things that the players are doing. Showing that they're not above them. I love coaches that will go out and do something with the team, just to show that if I can do it you can. Kinda reminds me of Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans when they go on that run to Gettsyburg.

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    Re: Afternoon jog gives coach a feel for the heat

    It reminds me of Jim Mora Jr. of the Falcons who runs the stairs before games, and btw the players seem to love and respect.


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