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    Re: Agent fired Steven Jackson?

    Quote Originally Posted by Truth View Post
    Yeah. I thought of that too. I just think if it was a problem like that, Jackson would've fired his agent, not the other way around.
    Maybe the agent knew Jackson was looking around for a new one and didn't want to be embarrassed. When he says that he thinks Jackson should be the highest paid RB in the league, it makes me doubt that it's all about SJ being too difficult or asking for too much money.

    I agree with HUbison that the other end of the spectrum is just as possible - could be that SJ simply didn't agree with tactics or strategies the agent wanted him to go through in order to get a big payday, such as holding out or demanding a trade. It could also be what he wanted in the details of the contract - a huge signing bonus (more money upfront), a more incentive-laden contract, or the salary being spread out evenly to ensure they wouldn't have to re-structure or re-negotiate in 3 years (i.e. when you see a lot of those backloaded contracts). Just throwing out possibilities, nobody really knows of course - this whole process will be interesting to see how it plays out over the summer.

    And to echo some others - PLEASE, NO POSTONS!

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    Re: Agent fired Steven Jackson?

    Here's BM's take, fwiw....
    Speculation that the Rams and 39 were close, but now Jackson wants a bigger deal in light of the McFadden contract, and the agent realized he couldn't do it.

    Also talk (and well founded) that Jack's sister is an issue; meddling with the agent's business; this was a problem with Jack's first agent.


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    Re: Agent fired Steven Jackson?

    Let's hope Jax' doesn't go and hire Drew Rosenhaus. The guy lure's young uprising players, & makes them insane amounts of cash. His negotiations with teams create some sort of tension between player and Organization, and we dont need that right now.

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    Re: Agent fired Steven Jackson?

    Here here Eric, I whole heartedly agree. If Jax picks up Rosenhaus, I say we trade the man now for some ridiculous draft picks and a new RB. He'll cause nothing but trouble just like every other Rosenhaus client. I love Jax, but sometimes you need to know when to cut and run.

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