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    Al Saunders, Anthony Becht, Leonard, and our O-line ..

    The acquisition of Anthony Becht in the off season certainly didn’t make as big a splash publicity wise as the signing of Josh Brown and Jacob Bell. However, Anthony Becht bears the reputation of being an excellent run blocker, and could be key in elevating the Rams running game to a higher level. At 6’5” and 280 lbs, I doubt he’ll be all that nifty as a receiver, but given his height, he could develop into another safety valve for Bulger. On running downs Saunders has the option of employing two tight ends sets featuring both Becht and McMichael, (Randy McMichael is a better than average blocker as well), with Brian Leonard lining up in the backfield along with Steven Jackson. Even with rose colored glasses removed, the components for a much improved running game appear to be in place. The additions of Bell, Becht, Greco, and Schuening via free agency and the draft respectively, coupled with the healthy return of Setterstrom, Cogs, Romberg and Pace bode very well for Steven Jackson; even more so if a bulked up Leonard can be effective as a lead blocker in his first year under the tutelage of Al Saunders. IMHO Saunders will find ways to develop and utilize Brian’s talents. Sure there are some here who rued the selection of Leonard in round 2 of last year’s draft, and their views are not without merit. That said, it is what it is, and Leonard is a Ram. It appears we finally have an offensive coordinator who will develop and utilize our current offensive talent to the utmost. Al will earn his money by creating mismatches, while instilling in his players the confidence necessary to exploit them. As has been mentioned by other posters, the good health of Orlando Pace over the 16 game season will be much needed for Al to really open up his playbook. Hopefully the old saying: “lightening never strikes the same place twice” will prove true, and the good overall health of our O-line will flourish throughout the 2008 season. Here's hoping the 2008 season will host the "Return of the Swagger"

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    Re: Al Saunders, Anthony Becht, Leonard, and our O-line ..

    I agree to the fullest. The knock on Becht was that teams tried to make him a starter and be a pass catcher as well. With McMichael we already have that so we can use his blocking to the fullest.

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    Re: Al Saunders, Anthony Becht, Leonard, and our O-line ..

    I'd honestly never even heard about the Becht signing. Great post!


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