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    Is it all just a dream?

    Is it not an amazing time around here? If it's not, I just really don't know what to say ...

    Of course, the proudest moment in Ram's history, or at least I would think so, for just about every fan was the Super Bowl victory. What an unbelievable season that was. It took months for all that to truly set in after it was done. The feeling was just crazy ...

    Believe it or not, I am feeling the same kind of thing today. Geez, what a long two years it has been. After Linehan's first season, I really had a sense of optimism, it really looked like this thing was turning around. Then it all came crashing down ...

    I feel lucky to have found this forum, because here in Alabama, I really don't have anybody to turn to when it comes to talking Ram's football. There just aren't many Rams fans here. Of course, there were plenty when we won the Super Bowl, but they all quickly dissapeared when it went downhill ....

    Two years of misery, two years of suffering, all gone ...

    Insert Jim Haslett, and here we are. All it took was two games, but its amazing what has happened. The Rams are playing different. The tune has changed in the Lou. The fans are hungry again. We, the members of the Clan, are excited and energized. It is really a crazy time ...

    Other than the Super Bowl victory, I cannot really remember ever being this excited about Ram's football. And we are 2-4! So why all the excitement? There is just something in the air. I cannot pinpoint what it is, but I feel there just "MIGHT" be something special here. You look at our roster from top to bottom, and there is plenty of talent. There was plenty of talent last year, but the injuries just destroyed any shot we had. Now what? Maybe we should look at it as 2-0. Maybe I should be a little more pessimistic, but what do any of us have to lose?

    Going into the Redskins game, I didn't know what to think. New coach, but maybe the same ole Rams? Boy, did that change in a hurry. The attitude of the team changed, and finally, they believed they could win. Then after destorying the Cowgirls last week, it seems everyone is starting to believe. But is it real?

    I'm getting that feeling again that we can beat anybody, and maybe it's a little too soon, but look at the Patriots game this week. They are not better than Washington, and I don't really know how they compare to Dallas, but not only do I think we can win this game, I think we are going to win this game. I think the roll we are on is too much for the Pats to handle ...

    Maybe I am nuts, and I am sure some of you already think that anyway, but there just might be something special brewing here, a real story, a feel good story, and maybe a real life second chance for Jim Haslett to redeem himself, to reaccount for himself after being shafted despite giving it everything he had during Katrina ...

    Haslett is a real coach, a real leader, and he is fielding a real team ...

    It sure is fun again. I think football almost every minute of every day. Yea, that's sad, but cheering for this team just makes me feel good. I love football, always have, but it is just truly special again ...

    I sure hope this isn't a dream. If it is, please don't wake me up, because its not often that is feels this good to be a fan ...

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    Re: Is it all just a dream?

    I hear you I am excited and scared all at the same time. Riding this train and hoping I don't get kick off. I know this team is facing some tough hills I just hope we continued to respond when thins go bad, so far we have under Haslett.

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