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    All that matters...

    I can't remember if it was NFL Live or NFL playbook that I was watching but they were reviewing the Rams game against New Orleans. They were commenting on the the pass/run ratio and all the stats that that argument entails.

    I thought I knew where they were going with the conversation, anticipating an argument about getting Marshall and/or Jackson involved more and showing some semblance of balance on offense. Nothing new there, that's been debated quite a bit here so I was kind of scoffing at yet another watered down, generic analysis of the Rams by the multitude of shows out there.

    But then they switched gears on me. Threw me a curve ball. Whatever you want to call it. They brought up the fact that the Colts started last weeks game with 22 consecutive pass plays and were at about 80% passes overall. Yet Tony Dungy didn't take any heat at all about it. Their reasoning? The Colts have Peyton Manning and the Rams...well, don't.

    I've pretty much backed off of Bulger at this point. I think he's doing a pretty good job of running the offense and that the Rams' biggest problems lay elsewhere. I didn't realize that the Colts were that unbalanced and still successful though. The wins and losses would be hard to debate but the production out of the offense is something that's lacking. Although Bulger is putting up good numbers is he still to blame for the shortage of points? I don't know how good the Colts' O-line is but it's got to be the main difference. Manning isn't THAT much better than Bulger is he? Would Manning or Bulger do better if the two switched teams?

    There isn't really an answer but it does make you think.

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    Re: All that matters...

    You know Moklerman...I think you're onto something. Its not the offense thats lacking, its not Bulger...its not necessarilly Martz...its the team as a whole!!! Its been a tough two weeks for all of us, but, maybe in your Manning analysis, it provides a small ray of hope in understanding our shortcomongs, to a major degree its lack of execution (plus some coaching or lack thereof) as Nick has been saying all along! We should have won the last two games...we just had too many mistakes and penalties and didn't execute they way that we should have.

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    Re: All that matters...

    I guess that's the real question, how do you solve something like that? I've been watching the Giants this year, following you know who, and they went from a Super Bowl loss to the Ravens to 4-12 last year. In 3 years they completely fell apart. No discipline, turnovers, penalties, etc. They all caught up with the Giants last year. Has the head coach's effectiveness worn off? I mean, what is it that makes a team not respond to the coach any more? Is this the case for the Rams at this point? If it is, can Martz win them back? Scary questions with dark possibilities.

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    Re: All that matters...

    It's all about putting points on the board. The Colt offense (33.3 PPG) is able to make up for their poor defense (25 PPG) while the Ram offense (19.7 PPG) can't make up for their poor defense (24 PPG).

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