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    Sonny Vida Guest


    I live in San Francisco, I am a TRUE RAM FAN, thats a big risk living here in San Francisco. All I see is 49er and Raider fans everywhere. I could care less, I walk around town with my Authentic Rams Letterman Jacket from the '79 Super Bowl Team! I will be rooting for the Rams when they come to town to BEAT DOWN the 'Niners on September 23rd.
    We got a whole new Defense, a high powered Offense and one hell of a Coaching staff. We are going all the way!! All you RAM FANS out there, let me hear a big HU-RAH!!!!!

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    joeramfan Guest


    I'm with you sonny,this is the team to beat in the NFL.Also beating the niners is such sweet vengence.After the the 90s drought against the niners every win is a big one.However our division is getting tougher,the competition is good.New Orleans will be tough,so will the 49rs,garcia is a hell of an athlete.But i feel that we have a total package now,so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

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    Good to see the FANS back again


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