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    All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    • Why Can't We Score In The Redzone?
    • Why Can't Our QB Quickly Find The Open Man To Beat The Blitz?
    • Why Don't We Score Touchdowns Anymore?

    Our QB Has Ruined These Coordinator's Offenses;

    • Mike Martz (He started the death of Martz)
    • Scott Linehan
    • Olson
    • Al Saunders

    Every sign under the sun tells me, that while this team has other problems, our OFFENSIVE problems center around our horrible quarterback. There are a couple of reason's for this. He's become gun shy, and combine that with the fact that he does not have confidence in making certain throws and it's like our offense is being suffocated to death. Our QB is the reason why after so many coordinators we really see no difference in the outcome. Because our QB cannot make the throws needed. He has no confidence in his arm, and does not really seem to have fun or excitement. He lacks that competitive confidence in his arm that a qb needs. The pathetic sad part is, while he has a horrible arm he also can't read defenses for snot. He can't throw slant passes! I can't believe we have a 40 Million dollar qb who can't throw a decent slant pass! He misses on slant passes! How about a decent curl route? The quick out? The little oxygen we have is being sucked out of our offense by our QB. Just maybe, just maybe the problem is that we have a qb who can't make plays? We have a QB who when the defense blitzes, he panicks and falls apart. He can't make the simple quick throw needed TO SLOW DOWN THESE BLTIZ'S.

    All of this had made guys who used to be good, seem horrible. Does Pace really suck? Jacob Bell? Torry Holt? Do ALL THESE guys suddenly suck, or could it be that having a washed up, burnt out QB who is afraid to throw has made everyone worse?

    I know a lot of you get mad about this, and I know Bulger was a pro bowler. Believe me I know. However he is a shell of his former self.

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    I think that the demise of the O-line has made Bulger gun shy. I do not fully (or even mostly) blame Bulger for what he has become, but I will say that I do not think he will ever regain former form with the Rams. It is time to trade him away for his good and ours. Until we fix the O-line, we are <insert past tense of copulation verb here>.

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    Re: All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRam View Post
    I think that the demise of the O-line has made Bulger gun shy. I do not fully (or even mostly) blame Bulger for what he has become, but I will say that I do not think he will ever regain former form with the Rams. It is time to trade him away for his good and ours. Until we fix the O-line, we are <insert past tense of copulation verb here>.
    Yeah.. I'm personally just sick of waiting for Bulger to return to his old self. After 2-3 years I think that says it all. I'm tired of seeing no-name qb's on other teams light it up and then I see Bulger look like a noodle back there. He just does not have it and we need to move on.

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    Re: All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    All Signs Point To Our Quarterback...

    I'm with Stupid --->

    (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    All signs point to everyone. Our team sucks.

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    Re: All Signs Point To Our Quarterback.

    I don't see the logic behind saying that Bulger ruined all of these coordinators' offenses. Bulger had a career 90.6 QB rating under Martz, less than seven points from what Warner accomplished. He did even better under Linehan during his first season here. So how exactly did he ruin them?

    I'd be curious to know what exactly the Greg Olson offense is, since for two of his three total years as an NFL OC, he was working under Linehan and now is back in the ranks of a positional coach. The jury is out on the Al Saunders offense in St. Louis, but it was middle of the road in production during Al's time in DC.

    I think the more accurate conclusion is that the Martz and Linehan offenses may have ruined Marc Bulger because of the amount of punishment he took in them. Bulger has been the most sacked quarterback in the entire NFL since 2003. Look at how many sacks the Rams have allowed over the past few years...

    2003: 43
    2004: 50
    2005: 46
    2006: 49
    2007: 48

    That's unbelievable! And its been consistently poor for over half a decade! At what point do we look at protection and point to that as the center of our offense's problems? Do we have to allow 50+ sacks? 60+? That kind of punishment takes your toll on a person, and it may be one that's pretty difficult to reverse.

    Bulger is not playing good football right now, and the jury is out on if he ever will again. Some believe he can, some believe he can't. It may be a situation where the only way Marc can salvage himself as an NFL quarterback is to do what Warner did and go somewhere else to rebuild himself. But when you make exaggerated claims like saying Bulger has ruined every offense he's played in, you're not helping your case. It's amazing Bulger has amassed a 57.9% completion percentage, since he apparently has a horrible arm, can't read defenses, and can't make plays. See what I mean? It's hard to have a worthwhile discussion about a topic when people have to sift through that kind of hyperbole.

    Does Pace really suck? Bell? Holt? Well, I think many would agree that Pace and Holt are on the decline and probably don't have much football left in them. Do you disagree? Do you think both of these guys are still Pro Bowl players? As for Bell, I don't think we've gotten our money's worth yet but I'm hoping he'll be better with a better center beside him. I think the sad reality is we don't have a lot of talent on offense yet. This team isn't one QB away from a dominant offensive unit. The offensive line is mediocre at best, we have some young talent at WR but lack a true #1 target and game-breaker, our start running back

    The problem with "moving on" is that the Rams just signed Bulger to a $65 million contract in July of last year. If you consider yourself a realist, then you know the Rams can't just move on without taking a huge cap hit in the process. That kind of hit throws a rather large wrench in any meaningful rebuilding plans the team would like to start since it would work to restrict the money we can count against the cap.

    There's no question the Rams need to find a young quarterback to groom for the future. Marc's in his early 30s and likely does not have more than 3-4 years left in the pros. He's not going to see the end of his big deal even if he turns it around. But the reality of the situation is that Bulger's contract makes it pretty difficult for the Rams to move on from him any time soon.

    The better thing to do, IMO, is to start making moves where we're able to do so. Cut the dead weight at WR (Bennett, Hall, Looker, maybe even Holt if he doesn't restructure) and along the OL (Goldberg, Romberg, Leckey, maybe Incognito). Bring in legitimate back-ups or players who can push for starting time. How about a right tackle to push/replace Barron? How about a legitimate center and not another team's back-up or practice squad player? How about a young stud lineman to replace Pace, which may have to happen sooner rather than later?

    Start assembling those pieces now, so that when our young QB is ready to take the reins, he has some things already in place to work with and doesn't have to spend time being exposed to the kind of stuff that damaged Warner and has potentially ruined Bulger.

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