It's way to early to know one way or the other what will happen with Martz. Here is what I know. On ESPN Monday Night Countdown they said Martz will not be back coaching with the Rams THIS SEASON. We all learned that this afternoon. The guys on Countdown asked Mortenson if he THOUGHT Martz would be back with the Rams. Mort said no he didn't THINK Martz would be back.

Martz also had a press conference today explaining that he is too ill to coach THIS SEASON. Martz also said he is still under contract for next year and he would be back.

So the bottom line is that until Martz tells us that he's not coming back next year, then from what we heard today from him he will be back.

ESPN and Mort have their opinions and whoever else wants to make a bigger story out of this then it really is. But it's all just speculation right now. There is no way to know until we hear it from Martz, and right now as of today Martz said he would be back.

Really all that's happened is a couple words got switched around or left out of the story by Mort and it makes for a better story.

Look at the difference:

Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams


Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams THIS SEASON.

Pretty big difference there.

Martz is ill and he needs to get his health in order. This is the right thing to do. As for next year it's really up to Martz if he wants to come back or if the Front Office wants to fire him, which I don't see them firing him.

So in reality all this is, is a blown out of proportion story by the media to create a buzz. As of now from what Martz said today health willing he will be back to coach the Rams next season. Don't believe the hype. Wait till you hear an official announcement.