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    Almost Total Rebuild

    As of now, the Rams have only 22 players who seem pretty certain to make their roster, plus a couple who may or may not be here.

    So they have 30 holes to fill, an amazing number, which includes 8 starters at WR, C, G, 2DT, CB, 2-OLB, possibly another at OT; a second and third RB, a #3 TE, 2 backup G/C, two backup OT, a #2 and #3 QB, a #3 TE (maybe even #2), 2 backup DT, two backup DE, 2 backup OLB, 2 backup S, 2 backup CB, and a punter if they don't re-sign Jones.

    If Fletcher cannot return from injury 100% add another new starter.

    This is the result of some truly bad drafting.
    It sure allows lots of freedom for Fisher and Snead right now.

    It's also why I think they will try to add more draft picks by trading out of #6 for the right deal on draft day.

    I don't see them doing it before they are on the clock though, because you have to wait and see if someone like Blackmon drops unexpectedly.

    I see them adding a starting G, C, #1Wr, and veteran RB in free agency, and possibly a good offensive tackle and a veteran DT.

    I like Pierre Garcon as the WR, because the bidding for 29 year old Vincent Jackson will go too high for him.Garcon was a rising star until Manning got hurt, but he still had a decent year and avg per catch.

    Really the only position of depth is WR, and I still think Salas and Pettis can be effective guys, and Alexander still had the talent to stretch the field in that role.

    At backup QB, I see Clemons coming back, and adding a young passer late on draft day. Jefferson from LSU is interesting as an athlete.

    Even if they don't take Richardson, there are four good RB who will go late round one, early round two, and for sure one will be there for the Rams at 33.
    They must take one, and all would be solid. You can get a decent veteran backup in free agency too. A gu like Joseph Adai could be interesting at the right price.

    Does Steve Hutchinson have anything left? I like Grubbs and the Rams now have the dough to go after him. Some decent centers out there too, and sometimes you can get an older guy, like Fisher did with Mawai in Tennesseee.

    They'll also need to draft at least one center and one guard too, in the middle rounds probably.

    They also need a backup OT good enough to start at RT, and could draft one early if the draft falls a certain way, like it did when they took Saffold.

    They need a base DE to play running downs that can move inside when Quinn comes in. A guy like Melvin Ingram would be perfect, but he'd be an early round one guy.

    The need at DT is HUGE, so they have to add a couple veterans and draft one early.

    They'll need two OLB in free agency, and another in the draft.

    They need a #1 CB, and free agency is the most likely to land him.

    The safty position sucks in free agency, and it's a weak draft there as well, so they'll have to go with the two 2011 starters and try to add a cheap option or two, or get a guy in the midplate rounds.

    It should be an interesting next 40 days.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    "It should be an interesting next 40 days." For sure, for sure! As I said, the...

    New & Improved 2012 STL RAMS.

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    Thanks Barry! Where the heck have you been?

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    Always good to hear from Barry.

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    Good to see you, Barry.

    We're definitely going to need a program on opening day.

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    Nice to hear from you Barry!

    Glad the turmoil of 2011 is over and we can look forward to the next month and a half.

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    Re: Almost Total Rebuild

    Hey Barry, great to hear form you, lis says hello!,,


    On the players front!!!!! Not much needed then!!!!! Lol
    "The breakfast Club"

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