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    Re: Alston is ready to show his skills

    Quote Originally Posted by RealRam View Post
    So true, many players have been considered undersized at first to play a given position in the NFL and end up surprising everybody but themselves. They've got the heart. Zach Thomas, Ernie Conwell (as TE), London Fletcher, etc. Very successful players.

    I trust Alston will be an effective ST player or a specialist in certain defense situations. He's got the heart, I believe.

    *. Crazyhorns, just wanted to make a correction on Urlacher: he's 6-4, 255 lbs. BIG LB! :-)
    Correct. However, I was born and raised in New Mexico very close to Brians hometown.

    Urlacher was a Safety at UNM. He has added some LB's since then. Some people still question his strenght and size for the MLB position.

    I totally forgot about Fletcher. He would have been a better example.

    Go Rams

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    Re: Alston is ready to show his skills

    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZYHORNS View Post
    Alot of players have been drafted for positions some may consider undersize.

    For example,

    Shannon Sharpe when drafted undersize for a TE
    Leonard Litlle
    Brian Urlacher

    Most I go on.... Hard to say that Alston pick was wasted I do not think he's done. And if his best days are only on specail teams many players have made a name for themselves in that role.
    Please, successes are way easier to recollect than failures for a simple reason -- no one remembers the short, underweight guys who didn't get it done. NFL Execs didn't just get together one day and say, "Eh, who cares if they can play...its size, speed, and athleticism that matters!" Being short, etc. doesn't guarantee you'll be a failure, but the odds of success are smaller when that describes you. Given that Alston didn't barely sniff the field when we had mediocre special teams play and injuries in the LB corps doesn't exactly suggest that he's going to be a home run as a third round draft pick.

    Is the book closed? No, but I also refuse to grasp to the hope that he's a 1 in 1000 kind of player. So, can we please keep the grandiose predictions to a minimum...just for once? (I'm looking at all of you who argued with me about Hargrove last off-season.)

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