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    Alston sounds for real

    From on Jon Alston

    Some players are blessed with great athletic ability, some are blessed with great intelligence but very few have both like Jon Alston. Jon is a true warrior on the field and a great student off it. While some players may have left for a more successful program Jon is a man of his word and stayed with the Cardinals hoping to help bring them back to glory. Here is a transcript of our conversation: What is your official size and speed?

    Jon Alston: 6-1 224 4.31 (fastest on turf). 4.4 (flat) Who was your role model growing up?

    Jon Alston: When I was younger I wanted to be a basketball player. As for football I really enjoyed watching Lavar's style and Ricky Williams when he was at Texas. How did it feel to be named to the FWAA Pre-Season Bronko Nagurski list?

    Jon Alston: It's an honor for me. I wasn't really heavily recruited out of high school so it's great to be even looked at for the award. With the coaching change at Stanford how do you feel the upcoming season is going to play out?

    Jon Alston: I'm really excited about the prospects. Walt Harris record speaks for it's self and hopefully he can do the same and bring us back to the level the school was in the 70's. Is their any one game you have circled this season that you are looking forward to?

    Jon Alston: Every game. It's my last year and I'm not taking any game for granted. I'm looking forward to every game. (Although being a Stanford guy it's been 3 years since we beat Cal.) How did a kid from Shreveport, Louisiana come to select Stanford to continue his football career?

    Jon Alston: I saw the campus when I was 12 visiting relatives in the area. I caught some Stanford games on TV and the whole experience of being part of Stanford program (good academics and still successful at football) was really appealing to me. What other sports did you play in high school?

    Jon Alston: Baseball and basketball until my sophomore year then I started to focus on football entirely. Who was your favorite player/team growing up?

    Jon Alston: New Orleans Saints and I loved Lavar when I in high school. What is your favorite sports movie of all time?

    Jon Alston: Toss up between The Program, Any Given Sunday and Remember the Titans. The most difficult class at Stanford has been?

    Jon Alston: Poly Sci 150B. A really difficult upper level stats class studying probabilities. If you could invite three people to dinner living or dead who would they be?

    Jon Alston: Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin L. King, and Denzel Washington. (WOW!, he may actually get his wish for # 3 if JDW can make it through training camp) Describe yourself in a few words?

    Jon Alston: Extremely intense and passionate.

    Getting to know Jon Alston

    Nickname: Stone
    I would describe myself as a person as: extremely passionate
    What people don't know about me is: I used to do radio commercials.
    The reason I love football is: Actually playing football is one of the most pure experiences one can have within the constraints of the rules. All of your physical and emotional strengths are tested on a constant basis. One can either use the sport to gain strength as a person and in character or choose to let the many valuable lessons of football pass.
    I pattern my play after: My own personal ideal as to how I should play.
    For me to improve as a person, I need to: Live more consistently, in all aspects.
    My favorite pre-game ritual is: Relax and visualize.
    My greatest athletic moment is: St. Fredericks vs. Loyola 1999
    The biggest thrill in my life to date is: When I got into a head on collision my junior year in HS... I'm blessed to have come out fine.
    The teammate I admire the most is: I admire all of my senior teammates. They are an amazing group of people.
    My favorite stadium in which to play is: Stanford Stadium by far, it is a dream.
    A friend from another college football team is: Dru Ward (TCU), PJ Daniels (Georgia Tech), Darrel Brooks (Arizona)
    The reason I chose Stanford University is: There are a million reasons why I chose Stanford.
    Since coming to Stanford, I have learned: A million things.
    The best thing about Stanford is: The people...
    My favorite class at Stanford is: Anything drama related.
    My least favorite class at Stanford is: Econ 102A, Econ 102B
    What sets Stanford apart from other college football programs: You have to be a special kind of athlete to play for Stanford due to the rigorous admission process. You know that everyone has something extremely special within him or her; something driving them above and beyond everyone else. The key is tapping that, then we will be very successful.
    The sports team I followed when I was younger: New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys
    When I played football as a kid, I pretended to be: Deion Sanders then LaVar Arrington
    The athlete I admire most is: Warrick Dunn, Ed Reed, Curtis Martin
    The person I admire most is: The closest members of my family hold my deepest admiration.
    If I could spend a day with anyone, it would be: Denzel Washington during the day, just to pick his brain, then I'd hang with Adriana Lima or Natalie Portman at night
    The three people in history I admire most are: Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi
    Best book I have read: The Paris Option by Robert Ludlum
    Favorite food: Chicken
    Least Favorite food: Steamed vegetables, Middle Eastern food
    If I had to cook all of my meals, I'd probably survive on: Baked chicken
    Favorite movie: Clue/ Forrest Gump
    Favorite TV show: Chappelle's Show
    Favorite actor: Denzel Washington
    Favorite actress: Natalie Portman
    If a movie were made of my life, I would have the following actor play me: Myself
    My ultimate SportsCenter highlight would be: Sacking QB in a big game, forcing the fumble, recovering it, breaking 3 tackles and scoring.
    Favorite musical group or performer: Live: Dave Matthews Band
    If I were not playing college football, I would be: A much better student
    After my Stanford career, I'd like to be remembered as: A great person
    The best advice I ever received was: "Never settle." "Follow your heart, if your heart is content, then your life is content."
    The person who had the greatest influence on my life: Everyone in my immediate family.
    One moment in history I wish I could have seen: Too many to choose a singular moment.
    The place I'd most like to visit: Sienna, Italy... or Cannes, France
    The favorite place I've visited: Dublin, Ireland
    Hobbies: Watchin' movies, playin' the guitar, sleepin', writin'
    Ten years from now, I'd like to be: Where I envision myself being.
    My advice to youngsters: Never Settle
    My most prized possession: My guitar I guess, through her financial sacrifice, my grandmother bought it for me.
    If I won $1 million, I would: Put some In N Out burgers in Louisiana. Bring Johnny's Pizza to California
    The one thing about college football I would change: I wouldn't call it an "amateur sport"

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    Re: Alston sounds for real

    I hope this kid is the answer @ SS.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Alston sounds for real

    I like Alston. Can't wait to see him play!

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    Re: Alston sounds for real

    4.31..........WOW!!!! S would be a great place for him!!! He might be able to get a chance to start if he changed to SS or FS... He'll probably not get a chance to start at LB


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