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    Am I just foolish or

    Majority of the media and friends in the DC area all seem to think the Rams no longer have the youthfull talent to be a contender....

    They say

    Bruce and Holt are aging no longer in prime??

    Faulk is gone?

    Bulger is overated??

    No defense?

    No special team or like they like to put we have a very special team??

    NO TE??

    My Response

    I give them Bruce but what about Holt and Curtis......

    Faulk maybe gone and now this is Jackson's team. Has shown he can dominate just needs to be more consistent.....

    Have you seen Bulger stats..... When healthy the Rams can compete with anyone....

    Defense is still a question mark the O has shown it can score on anyone if the D improves just a little the Rams are a very dangerous team..... Hass and company should show some improvement maybe not a top 5 D but top 15 will be nice......

    I have very little response other than the D is young and alot of youthfull talent should be on ST. Martz never really cared about the ST....

    TE the rookies can only be an improvement compared to recent years.....

    I'm just tired of hearing the Rams are old and no longer a contender. I say they're a major contender just as long as the D has improve we still have some of the best talent on the Offensive side....

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    I never understood the knock on Holt, he is rarely mention in the top five wr. He is without a doubt the most consented wr in the NFL. Holt is in his 8 season, that guy in Dallas T.O. is in his 11 season I don't hear anything about him being out of his prime. Bruce is in his 13 season and time do catches up to everyone but I think he fits in as a great # 2, last season he still came close to matching his impressive career average of 15.1, gaining 14.6 yards per catch. Bruce is still a competitor and I would not bet against him.

    As of Bulger my only concern is will he stay healthy. If he dose he is a very good qb.

    Now as of the defense I can't imagine the D being as bad as last year. Haslett should be able to get the best out of these guys.

    I think we will be right there in the thick of things at season ends, but I am looking forward to see how the D comes together doing training camp.

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    Sounds like people with nothing to write or talk about, and people who don't know football. Holt has 6 consecutive years with 1300 yards. Not even Jerry Rice has that. Jerry was still a threat 15 years into his career. So don't know what they are talking about. If Holt plays as long as Jerry he's only half way through his career. Not to mention he works hard during the offseason. Bruce would have had over 1000 yards had it not been for turf toe.

    Because of his injuries Fualk really hasn't been a threat, but I also think its cause Martz didn't uses a running game. As far as tight ends we got two of the best tight ends available in the draft. Byrd especially he was a steal and could have been a late first or second round pick. I watched every game since he was at USC. Dude has some hands. If Shockey was a threat his first year so can Byrd and Klopstien.

    The D will be better cause the coach is better. I think when Marmie came everyone knew we were gonna suck on D. The D in Arizona sucked when he was there. I don't know why Martz hired him. Bad personnel move.

    I think the Rams can be more than a contender this year.

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    The number one thing that will determine how good our offense is? The offensive line. If Bulger can stay upright and Jackson can get some holes, we have enough skill position talent to be one of the best offenses in the NFL. We have quality WRs, a decent RB, and an accurate QB. There probably aren't five other offenses in the NFL with the skill position talent that we have.

    I've never understood the knocks on Bulger. In St. Louis, I suspect the problem is that he isn't Kurt Warner. I don't understand what people outside of St. Louis has against the guy. The only real liability has been his health, but that problem is very reasonably connected to our lack of pass protection in the Marz offense and the decline of our offensive line.

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    I am glad...I like it this way. Keep counting us out...they all shall see

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith
    I am glad...I like it this way. Keep counting us out...they all shall see
    Amen to that one, everyone's gonna be shocked, and wonder "HOW DID THIS HAPPENED!!!???"
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Am I just foolish or

    Shades of 99. No one is counting on this team being a playoff contender. Are there question marks, yes. Every team has them to some degree. Two things have to happen for this team to make the playoffs.

    1. Offensive line has to keep Bulger on his feet and open holes for Jackson.
    2. Defense needs to move from the bottom of the league, to the middle of the pack.


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