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    Amendola or Gilyard (or both) on returns?

    BY JIM THOMAS | Posted: Friday, September 10, 2010 9:40 am

    One of the few unknowns entering regular-season play for the St. Louis Rams is the return game. Will it be Danny Amendola returning punts and kickoffs? Or rookie Mardy Gilyard? Or some combination of both against the Arizona Cardinals?

    Special teams coordinator Tom McMahon isn't telling.

    "They don't know who our kick or punt returner is going to be," he said. "So it's definitely a luxury from a game plan standpoint. But at the same time, in house, you've got some guys -- three guys -- that you can rely on."

    (Newly acquired Mark Clayton also has some return experience.)

    "The more returners you have, the harder it usually makes it on your opponent," McMahon said, adding that he's not entirely sure who the Cardinals will have returning kickoffs and punts, either.

    McMahon didn't rule out the possibility that he might even mix in different return guys during the game.

    During the preseason, Amendola averaged 25.3 yards on six punt returns, with 93 of those yards coming on a return for a touchdown against Minnesota. Gilyard was very good as well, averaging 14.4 yards on five returns.

    The kickoff return numbers were more pedestrian in the preseason, with Gilyard averaging 23.4 yards (on nine returns) and Amendola, 21.4 yards (on five returns).

    McMahon likes what he has seen so far from Gilyard, a fourth-round draft pick from Cincinnati. "Great vision in my opinion," McMahon said. "I think he's got real good courage. He's got pretty good ball skills. Surprised me _ he was only a punt returner for a year, and his tracking and catch ability with punts is much better than I thought it was coming out of college."

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    Re: Amendola or Gilyard (or both) on returns?

    I think Gilyard is the better option. Dolamite's 93 yarder was beautiful, but he wasn't very consistent. Gilyard was.

    Also, I think DOlamite will have to be relied upon more offensively, and we can't afford his injury.

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    Re: Amendola or Gilyard (or both) on returns?

    As long as Amendola is a starting receiver, the coaches want Gilyard to return. However, if Clayton takes the starting spot, Amendola will be the returner. They are both good returners, but for now I think I like the proven Amendola.

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    Re: Amendola or Gilyard (or both) on returns?

    Gilyard to me seemed like he was a little more elusive, and quick, and showed more agility.

    Amendola seems just to run straight into the pile and sometimes he gets lucky and bursts for a good gain.

    They are both good returners IMO, but they both have different styles.

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