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    Analysis from Patriots Game

    Here it goes:

    Quarterbacks - What an up and down game for Bulger. He started off hot, making a great deep pass to Avery, and several surgical type strikes to Holt and Burton, and another great throw on the 999 to Avery. However, as the pressure started going up, Marc's performance tailed off. He struggled with mechanics after he was hit a few times, and just couldn't get it going in the 4th quarter. It is clear he has little confidence in his offensive line. Regardless, no quarterback is going to have sustained success when continually put in 3rd and long situations. However, the offense is starting to show real signs of life, and Marc seems to be getting a little more comfortable in the offense, at least at times. He's making some big time throws, but he's also missing on some easy ones right now.
    GRADE: C+

    Running Backs - Nice performance by Pittman today, who showed he can be a capable backup. He ran for the hard yards early, then made some nice gashing runs when the defense backed off after the deep ball to Avery. He seemingly has soft hands, and caught the ball effortlessly out of the backfield. His blitz pickup abilities are average at best, but no worse than Jackson's. Where Pittman struggles is getting to the outside, however this may be rust. I like this guy as a means to take a few carries off S.J. to keep him fresh. Minor ran hard when called upon and made a great recovery on the onside kick. Darby got one carry that was called back due to penalty. Kreider looked OK.
    GRADE: B-

    Wide Receivers - Superb day from this group. Avery was a beast, catching the long touchdown pass and again getting excellent position and making the grab on the 999 route. He maturing quickly: Desean Jackson who, you say? Avery looks to be even a bigger playmaker the DJ in the passing game. Burton came up with a couple nice grabs, and I expect to see big things from him in the future. Where is Torry Holt? He made a couple grabs, but is just not making plays. He just seems like he cannot get separation, especially on grass. But how can he have fallen off so far from last year? Dante Hall showed up big time in the passing game in the 4th and seemed to be the only WR who was open. Great effort grabing the tipped ball. Interesting to see how Bennett fits in when he returns.
    GRADE: B+

    Offensive Line - Very subpar day from this group, and I do not even know where to start. Bell is very, very average, I just don't see where all the hype came from. Leckey is horrible at center, missing many blocks, including letting his man come free and untouched for an easy sack in the 3rd. Pace was okay outside, but Barron looked confused and slow for most of the day. Incognito didn't do much either, other than getting a critical false start penalty called at the end of the game. We need to see what we have in some of the young guys, and where the heck is Romberg?
    GRADE: D+

    Defensive Line - There is clearly a difference in attitude when Glover makes the start over Carriker. Adeyanju, Ryan, and Eric Moore, who got a nice sack, were particularly active in stuffing the run. We held the Patriots to merely 98 yards on 3.4 YPC, which is impressive after the 250+ yards they put up last week. This unit just could not get any pressure on the quarterback outside of Chris Long, who was a terror, constantly pressuring Cassell and getting two sacks. Moore got around the edge a few times, but he just doesn't have the speed to get the job done. Many seem to be on Carriker because his stats aren't showing alot of production, but it seems he makes a much bigger impact than the stats can show. It must be noted that Clifton Ryan made a superb play on the 4th and 1 to stop the runner for a loss. He is really emerging as an impact player against the run.
    GRADE: C+

    Linebackers: This group is an enigma to me. One game there are everywhere. The next, they are almost non-existant. Yesterday, there seemed to just be there. The biggest complain was failure to seal the edges on a few shorter pass plays. I do not know if Witherspoon is being hampered by injury, but he just looks slower this year and is not around the ball as much. Kevin Faulk blew right through him twice yesterday. Pisa was fairly active again, and had fairly good coverage on the TD pass to Faulk, he just didn't get his head around in time. He hand was inches away from breaking up the pass. Draft got in the backfield a few times on running plays, but not much in terms of productivity. The lack of production in this group was saved only by great tackling by the secondary in this one.
    GRADE: C

    Secondary: Cassell's numbers might look ok (65%, 266 yards, 73.7 rating), but it seems to me that this group played much better than it would look to the eye considering the lack of pressure applied. O.J. came up with another pick and did and tackled well, including making an open field stop of Welker, who had already juked two defenders. If he doesn't make that tackle, Welker may have scored. O.J. is a true ballhawk, I don't care what anybody says. Brown covered Moss about as well as a DB can when left to cover him one-on-one. He forced Moss to the middle of the field and didn't allow him to get deep. The question is, where was the linebacker or safety help when he broke open in the middle. He picked off one pass, and nearly missed another on a great break inside of Moss. Bartell was solid once again, and you didn't hear his name called much which is a good thing. He made a great read and tackle on the play where he was injured. Craft was fairly sound in coverage and did a nice job in the nickel, including a good breakup of a potential TD pass in the endzone. The improved secondary play has allowed Chavous to move up and out of coverage, and he has been an effective run backer in the box. Overall, a pretty solid day by this group. They did everything asked of them and didn't give up the big play, despite little help up front.
    GRADE: B

    Special Teams: Not a great effort. Horrible tackling on a long return the 2nd half that gave the Pats a short field. Jones had his worst day as a Ram punting. Brown was excellent as expected, and kicked a great onside kick. What was Dante thinking at the end? He made a few poor decisions today - only his good day as a receiver keeps him from being buried. Just not a good day.
    GRADE: C-

    Coaching: Again, Haslett gets these guys fired up and ready to play. Cannot complain about the effort. The gameplan seemed sound, but Saunders need to find a way to get the ball in the endzone when we see red. We also need to find ways to protect Bulger on 3rd down, and find quicker options on slants and over the middle. It will be interesting to see if Haslett can get the guys motivated for the huge matchup with the Cards next week after coming off this loss. I'm betting his does a fine job.
    GRADE: B
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    Re: Analysis from Patriots Game

    I'm not 100% sure which affected us the most.

    No Steven Jackson?

    Or no Adam Carriker and Leonard Little?

    I'm thinking the latter. I was expecting us to put alot more pressure on Matt Cassel. Not having that pressure on Cassel allowed him time that he's not used to. Thus Cassel's most effective game of the season according to the so-called experts.

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