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Thread: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

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    Re: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

    I fully trust Fisher to pick the right guys and put the right pieces in they're places to turn this organization around. His football IQ is higher than any of ours and I'm sure he will do more research than any of us to insure we get who we need. Shotty had the displeasure of having Sanchez at QB, the guy whose players are now turning on him and his lackluster performances.

    Ill trust anyone he brings in with him, barring a shocker, but we know that wont happen.

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    Re: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

    Track records can be deceiving sometimes. In my opinion it boils down to fit and being on the same page to = success.

    Linehan in St Louis is terrible... but not too shabby calling the plays in Detroit?

    McDaniels is only great in New England?

    Boring Shurmur in St. Louis became creative Shurmur in Cleveland?

    My point is I agree with r8rh8mike... He doesn't excite me at all but I'm willing to let Fisher control his own destiny.
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    Re: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

    Quote Originally Posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
    I watched enough Jets games to know Schottenheimer regularly looked confused and wildly inconsistent calling his offense, bit if Fisher thinks he can do the job, I'm on board. Apprehensive, but on board.
    Mike you are right about that... reading notes from the Jets. But I think a lot of this is caused by the Jets loud over the top style of the head coach. I have never seen players kick a player out of the huddle basically benching him like they did. The Jets as a whole have issues..

    Heading into the half last week against the Denver Broncos, Mark Sanchez led the Jets just past midfield. With 10 seconds remaining, it appeared they would spike the ball, run a quick play and try and secure a makeable field goal.

    But instead, Sanchez faked the spike and whipped the ball out to an uncovered Dustin Keller, who was pounded at the line of scrimmage. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was on the sidelines, displeased.

    "I was frustrated with (that) one for sure," Schottenheimer said. "He was trying to make a play, we were in a situation where we were calling to clock the ball. He saw that Dustin was uncovered and tried to kind of make a play to throw it out there and thought Dustin could steal a couple yards and get into field goal range.

    "What it did was it took our ability to be able to stop the clock on the next play. So again, I think you get that, but the frustration with Mark was just 'Hey, in that situation, kind of trust what is being said to you ...' and he gets that."

    It was the first of two visible communication gaffes between Sanchez and his offensive coordinator Thursday and the third in two games, counting the early timeout against the New England Patriots which Rex Ryan called the "stupidest" play in NFL history.

    The second against Denver came on a first-and-10 in the third quarter. The Jets got themselves into the red zone after a 13-yard pass to Plaxico Burress. After a moment of confusion, the Jets took a timeout and both Sanchez and Schottenheimer appeared visibly upset.

    "He was upset with me because he thought he could get the play off," Schottenheimer said. "And at that situation, I made the decision to go to Rex and say 'Hey, this is important. Let's call a timeout and make sure we have exactly what we want.' I can't remember the play to be honest with you, but it was a situation where it was important enough that I felt that 'let's calm the waters and make sure we're okay.'

    "Mark's reaction was like 'Hey, I got it' and it's like 'Hey, calm down.'"

    Schottenheimer said that Sanchez needs to be more aware of game scenario issues like those in order to get better.

    "He has the playbook down," Schottenheimer said. "That stuff is easy for him. He has a good grasp on all the stuff we're doing. It's those little things that he has to work on to improve."
    I can't see Bradford disrespecting our coaches like that, or not running the plays called. It's a real circus with the Jets hard to tell whats the truth.. I agree with you through just going to trust Fisher.
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    Re: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

    Go look at the jets offense last year before their o line collapsed this year and all their running backs got hurt (forcing them to rely on sanchez who is not very good and is not improving). You cant' have it both ways guys. If you wanted fisher, you have to support his choices, its his show and he knows a heck of a lot more about who can coach than anyone on this board.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    Re: Analysts confirm Jeff Fisher meeting w Brian Schottenheimer tonight

    Folks, this is precisely why we hired Fish. He has the cred and the experience to make these tough decisions and hire the best fits for what he plans to do.

    This was one of my main criticisms of Linny and Spags; they hired cronies and people who were not qualified or proficient enough to get the job done.

    I'm hoping that Fish takes a page from the Vermeil book and surrounds himself with outstanding, experience coaches who can *gasp!* actually coach UP our players and make them perform better than maybe their talent levels would indicate.

    TBH I really don't care who is or who is not on his staff next year. If Fish wants 'em then I am on board....

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