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Thread: Another Loss

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    Re: Another Loss

    We had a 14-0 lead and had to make a last second FG to end the half to tie it at 17-17. It's a bad loss when that happens. That said, it was good to see the offense finally clicking until Jackson and Cogs left. Unfortunately, they left...

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    Re: Another Loss

    I disagree that it was a bad loss, I mean it came down to the last series, was a very exciting game.

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    Re: Another Loss

    [quote=Truth;196145]It's interesting that you brought that up. I think that many people have the wrong idea about "parity" . What we have now is a league that has salary caps. The salary cap makes it impossible for teams to hoard the "top talent" of the league. However, it doesn't make all teams equal. Not even close. What has become more and more important is having an organization that is very good at evaluating talent. The top teams have GMs and coaching staffs that do a very good job of evaluating talent. That's not just free agent talent, but drafted and undrafted talent as well. The elite teams remain at or close to the top because they can evaluate talent, and in doing so they keep themselves out of cap problems. Isn't it amazing how deep some rosters seem.

    What irritates me about the Rams organization is our inability to evluate talent. we overpay FA and lose productive players because we're not willing to pay before they become FAs. I think it was Shaw who said that it was too expensive to be a championship team very year. What the heck is that all about? I can really see how the Patriots are suffering with all their success.

    At any rate, parity means nothing without talent in the FO. We lack that. I will also be surprised if we could attract a quality HC without a FO that has the talent and will to win.[/quote]

    Well stated....I couldn't agree with you more. We are fooling ourselves to debate whether this was a bad loss or not or what play contributed most to this loss. We lost, end of discussion! What "Truth" says is correct, we need to be better at evaluating talent from the sideline to the Front Office and until we do, we will simply be also-rans. We have some genuine talent on our team, but we make bad judgements when signing FA's or letting certain players walk away. Our drafting skills need to get better as well. I really believed we were in a position to challenge Seattle for NFC West domination this year.

    Hopefully we will turn the ship around in the last 8 games of this year and we may have learned something about some of our reserve players. There's always next year!

    Go Rams!

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