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    Molotov Guest

    Another question about seating at the Dome

    Has anyone ever sat in the front row, behind the Rams bench, 30 yard line or so? How is the viewing there? I guess you sacrifice the overall perspective for the ability to see some of the action real close up.

    Does being close to the players and bench count for anything?

    This is a once-in-a-life time trip so we are being very deliberate about where we sit.

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    Re: Another question about seating at the Dome

    We sat in the second row, not the first, but not alot of difference other than folks in the front row have a better chance of interaction with the players before kickoff. For what it cost to sit that close, I doubt I'd do it again, because it is very difficult to see the action on the field - you are simply not high enough to really view the action. We were sitting very close to the 50 yd line, and occasionally when a play would come to the sideline right in front of us, you could see well enough, and especially hear the hitting. The rest of the time, you couldn't really see the action very well and had to look at the jumbotron to see what had transpired on the field.

    Really it depends on your priorities - interaction with players and coaches (during the actual game you'll be ignored mostly), or trying to see the action on the field as clearly as possible. I'll PM you a link that gives a virtual tour of the Dome seating ..

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    Cweezy172 Guest

    Re: Another question about seating at the Dome

    It really depends what you're looking a former psl holder, I personally kind of prefer sitting a little higher actually. It's nice to be able to see a play unfold. Conversely, sitting that close to the bench gives you the oppurtunity to witness the size and speed of some world class athletes up close. If you can afford tickets like that, I'd say go for it, it will be a pretty unforgettable experience, even though you'll miss a lot of plays that go away from you. Seeing sjax up close is probably worth it alone, he's a monster.

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    Re: Another question about seating at the Dome

    I was sitting real close durring the Rams Redskins game Christmas eve and Steve Jackson ran right by me on his way to scorring the winning TD. It was real memorable and my son got a kick out of being on the jumbotron. I also flew in from Iraq and watched the Rams Panthers playoff game from the box seats. I went the Rams opener against the Panthers and sat in the nose bleads on the 50 yard line. In my opinion the box seats or there abouts was by far the best seats in the house, followed by the 50 yard line seats way up. I saw more of the game and enjoyed it more from up there than I did sitting in front of the punter kicker while he practiced.

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