I don't know why people are hating on Bradford, you guys are expecting way to much, it's almost as if you want him to be elite right now because of all the changes the Rams have endured this year. His stats from Detroit are excellent, he looked a little shaky on the field but the camera only shows the QB from a side view and not what is happening downfield. How do you know if the WRs were covered or open? How do you know what he can and cannot see? There are so many factors that are not seen by what you see on the TV. Maybe if they placed the camera view behind the qb you would understand a little bit better.

I don't watch only the Rams games, I have sunday ticket so I can watch other games as well. ALLL elite qbs like Brady, Brees, Rodgers and even Peyton manning make bad passes, several per game, none of them have had a perfect game or else they would all have a 100% completion rating if you don't count dropped or deflected passes, they all get sacked (Not as much as Bradford) and hurried into bad passes. They all do have one thing in common that Bradford doesn't have, protection and great talent at the WR position. This past thursday I watched the Packers vs Bears, Rodgers is an elite qb no doubt, but he had at least 4 bad passes, heck even one bad pass turned into an INT. Cutler isn't an elite QB but he isn't horrible either, his offensive line couldn't stop my grandmother. He got rocked the whole game and he was dysfunctional, he is also one of the most sacked qbs in the league and look at him. There are other factors that make a great QB, starting with the offensive line AND Wr's, we don't have ANY elite talent on either.

In my eyes Bradford still has the potential to be great. I can foresee him as being elite in the next couple years. You guys who keep bashing him should probably go coach an NFL team because you clearly know how to evaluate talent and how to coach a qb. I know I can't.

There is no I in team. One person cannot make it happen, that is all.