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    This has been fun I hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I have ... I'm going to start another thread on Rams Fan Hall Of Fame Rating so once you have acquired your correct answers totals you can list your ranking , I hope good number of our family here participates and for those who had a low score dont worry this is in fun and we might just learn something about the team we Love so much ... Look foreward to seeing the scores ....
    (Its the love of the game and our Rams)

    Part One

    1. 109
    2. Cedar Rapids Regis High
    3. Houston Oilers
    4. Third
    5. Torry Holt
    6. Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy,Merlin Olsen, Rosie Grier
    7. Pat Hayden
    8. Hayden broke his finger.
    9. San Diego State.
    10. 1962
    11. Jim Benton

    Part Two

    1. 1961
    2. Utah State
    3. Hugh Bezdek
    4. 1945
    5. Redskins
    6. 8 players and one draft pick.
    7. South Carolina State
    8. 15
    9. 1991
    10. 2,429
    11. Ollie Matson
    12. Dan Towler, Tank Younger & Dick Hoerner

    Part Three

    1. 1,635
    2. Dexter McCleon
    3. Amsterdam Admirals.
    4. Most passing yards.
    5. 1949
    6. 1977
    7. 1989, #1 draft pick.
    8. 1982
    9. Wendell Tyler
    10. Giants
    11. False
    12. 12
    13. True

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    Rams Fan Hall of Fame Rankings: Add up the total Number of Correct answers and that will give your Your Rating

    20-36 Correct... Holy Cow! Straight to the top! Welcome to the Rams Fan Hall of Fame!

    13-20 Correct... Not bad, not bad at all. Won't be long till you're in the Hall of Fame!

    2-12 Correct... Nothing to be ashamed of, valiant try, but not ready for the Hall of Fame for a while. They are tough questions

    0-2 Correct... You're not really Rams fan are you? Heck the water boy knows more than you But don't give up their is always next time , and just maybe you can enter the Rams Fan Hall Of Fame

    The ratings are all in fun...hope you enjoyed. :-)
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