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    Any art lovers out there?

    You may have your jerseys; your stadium blankets; your bobleheads; even your RAMS lamp shades. But do any of you have real RAMS works of art (hood ornaments don't count)?

    To get you all started I'll discribe the masterpiece that found its way to me.

    It's an unsigned oil on canvas, approximately twelve by eighteen inches, with no markings to be found on front or back. The artist remains anonymous and with your help maybe we can find the master. Also, the piece was discovered at a free-lance gallery right here in my hometown, which adds to it's mysterious provanance. I'll be honest and admit "free-lance gallery" is fancy verbage for "hillbilly fleemarket", but just the same diamonds are dug out of the ground with a shovel in Arkansas too.

    Here's the deal_

    The painting is of a hefty, tartan clad Scottsman, with fingers adorned with large rings (one with an X).......cutting lemons.

    My theory, and theorys about art are what lend to their value (or pricelessness), is this painting was done as a set of two. And somewhere out there (California perhaps?) is the bookend to this one and the Scott is planting roses. Just a theory.

    Since I'm tecknostupid I must find someone to transfer a good picture of the piece to this thread for your inspection. So ruminate on this. It had to be done by a Clan member. Hello?

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    Re: Any art lovers out there?

    ... Are you asking a question? or trying to sell this? Sounds interesting .. I gues.. if it's oil and there is no sig. .I doubt you will find out.. but stranger things have happened

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    Re: Any art lovers out there?

    If the Scottsman is missing an ear, or if one of his arms is attached to his head, I'm bettin' Picasso did it.
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