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    Any Clannies going to the game today?

    I was going to go to this game as I grew up on the S. Cali coast and I knew I would catch a few waves, some tacos, and cervezas while hanging out with some friends at the Tidewater Grill in Solana Beach, which is owned by a friend of mine, Sam. They make the BEST fish tacos and have a great Chargers atmoshere.

    Unfortunately, my life has changed again, I live in New Orleans (after growing up for many years in Santa Barbara) and just when you think you have turned the corner from Katrina, I was diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer.

    After a couple of visits to MD Anderson in Houston, I am cancer free and super lucky which I try to thank God and my family for everyday.

    Being self-employed and financially struggling for the moment and the shoulder impairedness from the surgery, which would have prevented me from surfing and really making the trip so special!, I can not attend today's game with about 5 great surfing buddies of mine which we had planned about a month after the schedule came out.

    However, all is not lost, my wife's friend gave us two GREAT seats for today's game with the Saints and Ravens. She is so excited that she is screaming, " Who Dat?" all the time in our home, which is really unique as she really is not a sports fan.

    So if you are in San Diego and enjoying the game, please have a few brews, tacos and waves for me as I will be there with you and my friends too in a spiritual way!

    GO :r !!!

    Life is sweet but a victory today will b e even SWEETER!!!:r :r :r

    Psst, I will be secretly rooting for the Ravens for obvious reasons!

    Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!

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    Re: Any Clannies going to the game today?

    Hey Fearlessone,

    First and foremost congratulations on beating the cancer!! That is great news! I wish you continued health and success with that.

    I will be attending the game today (in fact I am leaving for my train in about an hour) and will be meeting RamMan68 and Raiderhater there as well. As far as the waves, I know it is no consolation, but they are only ankle to waist high in Mission Beach according to Surfline. But as a fellow surfer, I know being in New Orleans you would love to be back out here droppin in on a few regardless! If you are ever out here for another game, let me know and maybe I could paddle out with you.

    Have Fun at the Aints game and you will be with your friends and fellow Clanners in spirit!


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    Re: Any Clannies going to the game today?

    Wow cancer does seem to get around and much earlier than I realized. I know two other people in their 30's who have survived brain cancer. You have to wonder if there is a reason for cancer to develop so early.

    I am glad to hear that you are going to be ok, FLO. This is good news. Enjoy the game and thank your non-sports loving wife for being so nice.

    My Uncle was diagnosed with pancretic cancer recently and they tried to operate on him, but the cancer had already spread too far. They are giving him a couple of years since they say it is a slow moving cancer, but the doctors really can't predict the future so we will have to wait and see.

    Enjoy the game....I picked the Saints for my knockout pool. I hope they win.


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