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    Hey, It's me again, 2nd post ever! Heheheheh!.....anyway, just wanted to know if any Ram fans:mask: from hawaii? I only ask, because it seems that the ones who are ram fans from hawaii, their personality..etc..etc are almost exactly the same!!! we here in hawaii LOVE THE RAMS!!!!!!!:lid: The ones who are ram fans that is! Personally i feel that Packer Fans seem to be arrogant and HOMERS! they are not realistic, NINER fans...****y! thats why I am glad to be a ram fan.hell, PROUD TO BE A RAM FAN - 34 years to be exact! lets go kick their (Packers) a@#! and get to the NFC Champ. game, probably against Chicago, whom I feel that if the rams met them in the dome, it would probably be a route, bears have no "O". I've always been a pessimist (realist) but feel that the Rams would beat up more on the bears than the Packers! GO RAMS AND RAM FANS FROM HAWAII! GO GO GO! Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to hear from ANY ram fans! not just Hawaii!

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    Hi HwiiRF!

    You have probably noticed this place here is truly a World Class Website, ehy? Quite the cosmopolitan.

    ClanRam Warriors post from Scotland, Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Mexico (which is where I'm from though I live in Oregon -- just got back from seeing my mother and sisters in Chihuahua last week).
    Hey, we have some fine Ram brethren from the republic of Texas too! :cool:

    Haven't been in Hawaii since '83; must take my wife there soon. Great to know Rams are all over the globe -- would make a SB XXXVI victory more of a

    ...World Championship! GO RAMS!!! :shield:

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    I'm from hawaii too, Kaneohe to be exact. RAMS 2002 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think there are a few of you, BudBelly is from Hawaii, I think


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