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    onslaught Guest

    Any New York Ram Fans

    Living in Brooklyn N.Y.being a ram fan has been real tough.Been a ram fan since the day i saw Roman Gabriel throw a 65 yd td pass with 3 guys drapped all over him.Have joined most of the rams sites,but have found the clanrams are the most devoted. Looking forward to hearing from other rams fans in te new york area .There is no team that can contain the ONSLAUGHT of the St Louis Rams.We are the most well balanced team in the nfl.We will win the Superbowl. WHO YA GONNA COVER


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    nice one onslaught.


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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Welcome to the clanram, onslaught. A Rams fan in New York? That is tough. Big state though, I'm betting there are plenty of other ones. Advertise in paper and start a group to watch the Rams take this season all the way!

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    mar Guest

    Talking Fellow New Yorker

    Welcome onslaught, nice catchy name. Living in Tupper Lake, glad to see another Ram fan in this state of Giants. Glad you found us. The folks here are all excellent people and of course they would have to be, being Rams fans

    GO RAMS:lid: :shield:

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    Hey Onslaught ..... im a long time NY Rams Fan too .... from Long Island NY ... "Dahamptons" ..... been rooting since 1972 .... coming up on 30 years .... your definately not alone .... its been amazing .... whenever i go to East rutheford , NJ to see my boys ... ive been blessed to see them almost always win .... luckily ... we own dem Nj teams ... ( i refuse to call them NY teams ... because they dont play there anymore)... had 50 yrd line tix this year ... 22 row ... behind our boyz for the Jets game... what a great game .... also went with the AOL s sportsline group and saw da boyz tromp the dolphins too in St Louy... what a year so far!

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