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    Any word on Linny's status after the break?

    There was talk the Linny may be gone after the break and at first I thought noway, but W/Hasslett in the wings it could happen. But then again , That won't do squat for the OFFENSE!!! What's Linny's status if anyone has heard.

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    Re: Any word on Linny's status after the break?

    Linny isn't going anywhere the front office backs him up 100 percent they were just rumors that he was gonna be fired during the bye the front office they like this guy and feel he is going to be the rams coach of the future
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    Re: Any word on Linny's status after the break?

    But really, what can the Front Offfice come out and say but that? He was their choice, and what good does a pre-emptive strike against Linehan do for his confidence and ultimately the franchise. Let's not forget that he is the Head Coach, and jeopardising his job security is the last thing that will get us a win. Believe me when I say he knows he's on the hotseat without Ziggy or anyone else in the FO having to tell him so.

    I'd like to quote the television series frontline, If I may...

    "He'll have our 100% support...until the day we sack him."

    Food for thought...

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