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    Anybody have info on undrafted rookie Matt Conrath, DL, Virginia?

    I've been looking up info on different sites on players drafted and undrafted.

    I'm intriged with Matt Conrath, DL, Virginia 6'7", 281 LBS ,4.85 40 yard dash. Pro Football Weekly makes him sound pretty dam good.

    Prositives: Fine eyes and instincts. Good moter, effort and Hustle. Flashes a mean streak. Outstanding worker. Highly competitive.

    Negatives: Tends to play too upright and gets hung up on blocks. Naturally outleveraged. Does not play to his size. Relies too much on his upperbody strength. Plays out of control.

    I hope he plays as good as DT Calasis Cambell of Cards. Maybe bring him in on passing downs. He might make good depth at DT.

    DT Darrel Scott better show J. Fisher he can play in this league or he is gone. Most players only get 3 to 4 years to prove themselves. Time is ticking.

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    Re: Anybody have info on undrafted rookie Matt Conrath, DL, Virginia?

    His size jumps out at me and makes me immediately want to giv ethe guy a youtube looksee. Sounds like a less polised and larger Chris Long (helps he is also coming out of Virginia).

    You take a guy with that size, nasitiness, and effort and you can make a competent football player if not elite. Here's to hoping for his future.

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