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    CrAzY_RaMz_FaN Guest

    Cool AnyOne Have Madden 2006?

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    Madden 06". Is A Great Game! I Started A Season Like The Rams. And I Traded A First Round Draft And Marshall Faulk For LaDainian Tomlinson LOL LOL LOL LOL! AnyWay Buy It! It Is Fun!!!Well Worth The Money!

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    Your Pal,
    CrAzY_RaMz_FaN:football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football:

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: AnyOne Have Madden 2006?

    Ya I got it for my birthday. That is a very fun game. Everything is more realistic. I "HAD" the same team until the offseason when Peter Boulware, Julian Peterson, Ty Law, Kris Jenkins, and Priest Holmes were Free Agents


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