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    Anyone have Pisa's hit?

    Does anyone have a video clip of pisa's hit? Help appreciated! THanks!

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    Re: Anyone have Pisa's hit?

    Seeing as how that might well be his career highlight, I can understand why you covet the video clip.

    Do you like the little "Me" jig he does afterwards? He mimicks the blase' antics of players around the league, who do their job on one play, in a losing effort.

    Funny how easily these players forget the previous plays when they were stinking up the joint.

    Personally, I find these blase' "Me" celebrations by players around the league to be quite borish. It's enough to make me puke!!

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    Re: Anyone have Pisa's hit?

    In fairness and the interests of balance, if anyone posts the Big Hit by Pisa, please also post the HUGE WHIFF at the goal line by Pisa that helped cost us 4 points in the second quarter.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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